Xzibit Says He’s Struggling Financially As His Wife Seeks Spousal Support

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As Xzibit struggles financially he believes it’s absurd for him to pay his estranged wife spousal support … he says he’s struggling to make ends meet while she’s living in their $3 million home with her new boyfriend.

The “Pimp My Ride” star just filed a response to Krista Joiner‘s legal docs seeking spousal support in their divorce … X says he simply doesn’t have the cash because a huge chunk of his income dried up during the pandemic.

According to TMZ, 47-year-old Xzibit says in new documents, he’s no longer the breadwinner he was before the divorce … claiming he hasn’t worked in Hollywood since 2019, isn’t getting any money from his cannabis ventures and lost tons of income when COVID scuttled the concert scene.

X who according to Celebrity Net Worth has a networth of $2 Million says in the docs he’s “struggling to make ends meet at the same time trying to uphold being a public figure, pay my own expenses and provide for my son.”

Xzibit paints Krista, 48, as someone who is doing just fine without spousal support … he says her recent income was around $175,000 a year and claims she’s living in their home with her new boyfriend and the man’s kids.

X says Krista’s boyfriend has been bragging about the digs on social media, filming a pilot in the home and taking down Xzibit’s artwork and recording plaques.

Xzibit says he asked Krista to agree to sell the home after she filed for divorce in February … but he says she only recently agreed to unload the property and now the housing market is starting to cool.

X says the home is estimated to be worth $3.7 Million … but he thinks they could’ve sold for a higher figure if she played ball earlier, and says they had to take out short-term loans to pay the mortgage pending a sale.

Oh, and get this … Xzibit claims Krista went behind his back to obtain a new lease on a 2021 Bentley and signed for the lease under his company name, Xzibit Inc., even though she’s not an exec there. He also alleges she forged his name on a check for the down payment.

X says he told Krista to return the Bentley because he couldn’t afford the car and insurance payments, but says she refused and hid the car for 8 months before it was repossessed in January … only a few weeks before she filed for divorce.

A day after his wedding Xzibit revealed how he never took women seriously before he met his wife, ” There was a time I thought I would NEVER get married. I thought that being single was the only way for me, not knowing that I was giving up more of myself to people who didn’t care about me or love me unconditionally. I had to do a LOT of growing up and over time came the maturity I needed to be able to make a commitment stronger than anything that I have done in my life outside of being a father to my two beautiful sons. Yesterday, I made my family complete.”

Kissy's Thoughts

A few notes/lessons to take away from this story.

  1. Imagine the line of women that Xzibit dealt with whose time was wasted… Another reminder that if he’s not ready, he’s not your guy.
  2. This story appears to be a mismanagement of time, skills and resources. Once you’re on tv and large amounts of money is seemingly coming in non-stop it’s time to seek out good investment advice.
  3. Once a man is tired of you, most times, he’s done taking care of you.

Men do a lot of things during their marriage. They lie, they cheat and deceive. Sometimes men even abuse women so she ends up wanting to take half from him in the end.

We don’t know if that’s the case with Xzibit.

When it comes down to marriage we see two things. We see masculine women who later must provide for their ex-husbands and we see masculine men having to provide for their feminine ex-wives.

Each person provides or is provided for based upon their own personal brand equity. Life doesn’t work the way it used to. Now days each person has to build their own personal brand and make it so valuable that your presence attracts millions of dollars.

This is a skill…

Not to mention, they always say how you get her is how you keep her. Xzibit knows the game. He can no longer afford to provide for his wife and keep her in the lifestyle he started her out at.

But at the end of the day, no married man should be able to claim he is struggling. That doesn’t make sense, unless you were unequally yoked. In this case having a boss chick as a wife is a better idea.  She could show Xzibit right now how to get on the internet and make a few hundred thousand a month minimum.

Men want a feminine woman, so income to continue being the boss is important. It costs to keep every woman except the 50/50 woman who is the least valued by men.