Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Says She Wasn’t Given Enough Time To Recover From His Infidelity And Her Health Issues

by | Celebrity LOVE

Watching how the Wendy Williams show was snatched off the air, is something I never imagined that I would see.  Neither did  Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

is revealing more about why he believes The Wendy Williams Show went off the air, and he includes himself as one of the reasons.

In a recent interview with YouTube personality Choke No Joke, Hunter said that the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show, Debmar-Mercury, was not interested in supporting Williams after her health became even more problematic.

“[The show] ended because of the negligence of her production company in regards to realizing how severe her health was,” he said. “And when you’re in a situation where [you’re] just busy trying to divide and conquer, [you] remove something instead of focusing on what’s really going on.”

“I mean everybody unfortunately got a chance to see her pass out on national television and it was mortifying and you would think after that happened they would have put certain things in place,” he continued. “In some sort of department to deal with any kind of crisis or any kind of help she may really need.”

Hunter said that the reason Williams passed out in that now-infamous clip from her Halloween episode was “a mixture of…her thyroid condition, being overworked, dehydration, and just not taking care of yourself.”

“Now luckily, soon after that, with the proper hydration and you know, getting her heart rate stable, she was fine,” he continued. “But it was a scary sign then, and like I said, you would think that from then, they would put certain things in place in case it gets worse.”

He also said it was “disheartening” for him to see so many guest hosts take over Williams’ purple chair when she was out tending to her health during the final season, calling it “a race for the seat.”

“It was real disheartening because most of the people would not reach out to see if you’re doing good,” he said. “When it becomes a race for the seat, you can’t take it. In any other business, you can’t just remove something that was great and just put something else there.”

Hunter stated that when he was working as Williams’ manager, he would make sure to protect Williams’ position by getting people in who would “fill that void properly,” such as suggesting Williams’ friend Nick Cannon host during a period of time when Williams was away during a prior season.

But what’s the most interesting is that Hunter addressed his part in the deterioration of Williams’ mental health. Toward the end of the show’s run, news came to light of Hunter’s relationship with his longtime mistress, including the birth of a child outside of Hunter’s marriage. Hunter said that Williams didn’t have enough time to process the changes in their relationship or focus on her sobriety.

“In a perfect world, Debmar-Mercury, in the midst of my situation with having a baby and getting through a divorce, with her situation of coming out of a sober house…they did not take or give her time that a person woul dneed going through the severe amount of crisis,” he said.

Watch the full interview below.