A writer dissed Cardi B. and it kind of pissed me off

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One of my followers sent me this post and asked me my opinion of it. So here we go.

Kissy's Thoughts

I love the post and totally agree with her. Yet I’m about to sling it to you from a Boss B*tch perspective.

But what the world needs to understand is the there is a new breed of women on the planet. I don’t like when people try to downtalk or compare themselves against GREATNESS.  But if we are to compare, I’m going to be perfectly honest.

I don’t like the WAP video. The visuals were just too thirsty for me, and I know they send women down the wrong path.

But also city girls and Cardi B’s lyrics actually are VERY empowering. They wake women up to their PUSSY POWER.

But also babycakes, you report to a 9-5. Your life has been created by a MAN. Cardi got out here and got it on her own.

Cardi impacts MILLIONS of people. Cardi has POWER.

Cardi is such a boss that her man’s fame increases BECAUSE OF HER.

People love to congratulate a woman when she says she’s had a husband for a lot of years and they are financially doing OKAY.

Baby, Cardi B. lives in a MANSION. Babygirl, people pull out the red carpet for CARDI. Cardi is living HER dream, and not the basic AMERICAN DREAM.

Cardi is POWER. You have women, and then you have Goddesses. And let me tell you something. The world better get ready for us, because we are HERE.

We are self-created. Self-motivated. We don’t choose men just because they can PROVIDE. We choose million dollar KINGS. Yes Cardi is indeed half sleep. But trust me, one day babygirl is going to wake up and she’s going to give Offset the Flux.

So regardless of me not liking one VIDEO Cardi made, I still salute that woman’s come-up. Cause chicks be having a whole HUSBAND as a safety net, and still don’t impact women and people the way us TRAUMATIZED, GET IT OUT THE MUD women do.

But I also have no disses to women who were smart enough to get married and take the easy route. That’s SMART.

BUT UNDERSTAND, TRUE GREATNESS, means you gotta go through some pain.

A 9-5 woman simply doesn’t have sh*t on a BOSS CHICK! B*tch we command sh*t that you CAN’T. You gave away your power and got tamed. We kept ours. WE came to change the game! We get the man, the bag, and the fame too.

So babygirl, please stop trying to compare yourself to that FORCE called Cardi B.

Sidenote: I wouldn’t cook for a cheating azz negro either. But I’ll definitely cook for a King with some sense. All Cardi was saying is that she isn’t domesticated, but she still got the ring.  She’s telling women that they don’t have to be perfect housemaids.  When you’re too busy trying to diss a woman, you’ll miss the beauty of her message. 

No more than the writer is telling women that she finds JOY in SERVING her husband.

I know boss chicks who cook, clean and handle BUSINESS too. A woman doesn’t have to fit into a nice cookie cutter box.