Why Becoming A Spiritual Life Coach Is The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

by | The Journey

There are 3 different life coaches.
1. A regular life coach
2. An enlightened / spiritual life coach
3. Someone who becomes a life coach or creates a course just to make money.
One and three have a very easy job. They are easily able to detach from the results of their clients.
But the spiritual life coach, almost seems as though that person willingly casts themselves into the fire in the name of helping others. For the spiritual life coach, the money is just one aspect. The deeper aspect is that they feel called to do this work and responsible for changing lives. They walk around with great heaviness. Many even walk around without hiring millionaire spiritual coaches to help them through the process. (That’s insanity) They think they will figure it out themselves… And they just may after 20 years of going in circles.
This job is no joke.
First you have to submit yourself to God, or source if that’s what you want to call it. Me personally regardless of what the world says and how they try to strip everything down to science, at the end of the day it’s pretty much common sense that there is a God. You plant a seed and trees grow. Flowers blossom. The sun comes up to shine every morning. Humans have sex and create little babies that grow into adults with complex organs and multiple things going on in the body… Obviously there is a high power operating in this Universe.
And because I once cried out to God on the bathroom floor and started making 6 Figures the next day, you can’t tell me God doesn’t exist. I’ve also prayed many times and he came through.. When he didn’t come through when I wanted him to, I didn’t like that very much. But Tis life. I’ve learned that the delay is simply due to me needing to learn more lessons first. God loves us and does things for our good.
I’m not trying to explain bad things that happen.. Cause obviously some things just happen and no it’s not to the good. But that’s not my lane of speciality.
Now back to what I was saying. Becoming a spiritual life coach is like willingly punishing yourself in the name of humanity. It’s like allowing yourself to be crucified, later to be risen from the dead.
Your DNA is literally broken down and upgraded. Your mind is recoded. Process after process. Your heart becomes more empathetic. You start seeing life a new way.
You go from communicating by words and actions to communicating by energy. Many times you vibrate so high you don’t even realize what dimension you’ve warped into.
I looked up one day and I was surrounded by brilliant people. We’ve gone way past the nerd stage and the smart stage. The way our brains download from source, compute and process at warp speed is quite remarkable.
Often I talk about myself from the inside in.
As a Spiritual Transformation Coach / Manifestation Guru / Social Media & Branding Goddess and all of the other things that I am, I find myself coaching some of the most amazing people in the world.
They are doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, brilliant millionaire coaches, pastors, and very powerful people.
Wealthy, powerful people are drawn to me like moths to a flame… What do I do to attract them? Not much other than simply be myself.
People often inbox me and ask to send me donations… They ask me if they can get a consultation from me for things I don’t even advertise. People literally ask to pay me every day. (It took an insane amount of work and consistency to make that happen amongst other things.)
When I help people it’s as if the clouds of confusion are lifted. They see life differently after speaking to me or working with me. Their belief level increases. Their confidence increases.
Even the people who don’t work with me and just watch me on social media or join my free groups become altered by my presence.
I’m a healer. Simply being in my frequency heals souls. But I realize now that I must be responsible with my super powers. For some people who don’t work with me, end up watching me and get overly-confident.
So they never buy in, because they think they have it all figured out. But it doesn’t work like that. You literally HAVE to get a coach and do the WORK. The work of recoding your DNA and getting new wealth download codes.
You see the spiritual coaches who suffer the most are the ones who are pinned down by religion and poverty mindset. They believe that God put them here to be poor. Chances are they’ve never read the bible for themselves. I’ve read it several times and once I realized that the Kings wore royal purple garbs, had jewels, property, and all the money they wanted on top of blessings, well I just knew I belonged to that royal family. So the parts of the bible in Ecclessiates that says someone has to be poor, well I just knew that person wasn’t me. However so many people claim that “story.”
Anyway, most coaches never break the 6 Figure mark, let alone making 7 figures. It’s all due to not having their belief system upgraded and not clearing their money mindset. 

Coaching people is super easy for coaches like me. I can literally give people a life altering transformation in an hour. But I want to give them more than that. I want to equip them with a system to gain wealth and live in their purpose at the same time..  Which means becoming a life coach for most. 

Lately I think one of my purposes on earth is to help the life coaches and come up with an easy, step by step process to help them spiritually transform, transform souls and become an online marketer at the same time.   While it sounds so simple THAT IS A LOT! 

Before entering life coaching you may actually feel like you’re as close to perfect as they come. You enter the world thinking it’s about to be easy, breezy and then lo and behold you are called to face your shadows.

Your shadows will make you cry like a bish! You’ll say, BUT, BUT, BUT… Then you’ll suffer going against it, fighting against the necessary change. Until one day you just give up, and suddenly you’re in the flow. And you laugh…  Was it really that easy the whole time? Maybe. Maybe not. 

I’m thankful for all of the insanity I went through, so that when brilliant people come to me wanting to do a million and one things like become a life coach, start a blog, grow their following, develop world-wide influence, speak on stages, write a book, spiritually evolve and build a million dollar brand, I can actually help those multi-passionate people do all of those things. 

As a visionary and a Prophetess (yet another title) I get so many downloads to help my clients… 

Just to touch on the title thing, I dislike titles. But people identify with titles. It’s only a problem when you’re like me and one title simply isn’t enough to describe you… Like people also called me Queen and Goddess. I am definitely the Goddess of Love, yet I’m so much more than that, while at the same time it’s the core of what I stand for. 
I love my clients like I love myself. I want the best for them.  It’s best when you become a life coach that you find your niche whom you understand so that you can love them into divinity.  For it actually takes love and nurturing to transform great souls who want everything they came here for. 

Anyway, as a blogger (and people often ask me how to get started blogging) this is one of those blogs that I just randomly typed out my thoughts. I’m throwing it out there on the inter webs where it will sit. Maybe this blog doesn’t make sense. Maybe it does. Maybe it’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever wrote. Maybe it sucks. I don’t know and don’t care.  I just write. That’s how you get started on anything. You just do. 

However I have also mastered my craft. So if I really wanted to intentionally write a dope, mind blowing blog I could do just that.  But it’s not about being serious all the time. Sometimes it’s simply about flow. 

But sometimes I just write. It may help someone.. 
You see even when I’m writing about me, it’s not about me… 

So now that I’ve finally got through the valley of the shadow of death, I will say the the process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is not for the weak. But when you make it through omgosh, you become such a beautiful soul. Your light shines so bright that people can see it from miles away.  When you make it through and bring other souls with you, nobody can tell you nothing.  You’ve officially became a great master and learned how to control your life and give life to others. 

The entire process has made me extremely grateful. Sometimes I find myself crying happy tears for how far God has brought me. How far I’ve brought myself, and how God amplified the vision 10 times greater than I could ever see. 

One thing for certain, you don’t know what God has in store for you. But if you are smart you will put one foot in front of the other, and go find out.