A Facebook memory came up today, and I realize I no longer have that belief, so I deleted it. 
Here is where I was going wrong.
1. If I knew that about average people, why did I keep dealing with average people, knowing I’m not average? I’ll tell you. It was all in the name of humility, trying to feel like I’m not special, while at the same trying to have compassion for other humans.
What I should’ve done is ask myself “Okay. So WHO are the people who value love?” At the time I wouldn’t have been able to answer the question, for I was the only person I’d met who valued love the way I do. With the people whom I was attracting, “doing people wrong,” in love, seemed to be “their” thing.
I now know two things.
1. I have always needed someone who is a reflection of my own heart. Nothing else will do. My heart goes into both business and relationships.
2. People don’t always intentionally do you wrong. They are dealing with their own things, and most times doing things the best way they know how. If “doing people wrong” is actually a good thing in their mind, then they are just doing them. It had nothing to do with me. I would walk away stating how good of a mate that I AM. Yet I did not walk away knowing that maybe they didn’t mean to hurt me. I didn’t because I had told them several times that such behavior was not conducive towards a healthy relationship. 
These are lessons that I only learned after raising my frequency and attracting people who are on my frequency or higher.
My mate has always been on a higher frequency. I would’ve never met him, had I not raised mine. In order for a person to not only come into your life, be attracted to you, and also able to see you, they need to be on your frequency.  A frequency is made up of  different layers. When they are not on your frequency their vision of you will be reflective of their own frequency. (Example: Eagles don’t hang with birds, because the birds will take the eagle for just being another bird, just like them. Yet we know the eagle is supreme. It’s supreme whether it thinks so or not. For the Eagle is the only bird that can reach certain altitudes. So it doesn’t need to think it’s better than the other birds, or consider itself separate. The eagle simply is what it is. It’s programmed to fly higher.  As it goes higher, the other birds simply can’t keep up, and fall back.  Yet, we as humans often stunt our own growth by trying to belong. We try to belong to groups, identities, organizations, classes, and companies, in order to fit in.  When we release ourselves from trying to be like others, is when the light comes in, to pull us higher. )
You can attract someone by their old/past frequency, or yours, and there will be some sort of connection, but they won’t recognize you as a potential mate until you match their frequency.
As I was saying, lower frequencies only recognize you from their own frequency. And when you don’t quite know who you are, you may go for a mate who APPEARS to be on your frequency, because they are a reflection of the way you SEE yourself. Even though deep down, you eventually realize you vibrate higher, simply because your actions and intentions tend to be heart-centered and for the good of you both. You realize something is OFF.
It’s frequency that attracts people to one another. When you vibrate at your correct frequency, suddenly you’ll meet people who mirror your heart.
I am brilliant. Yet I attempted to hang out with people who decided not to be. I hung with people who weren’t interested in mastering their craft. Therefore my frequency didn’t change much and I stayed the smartest person in the room. Yet at the same time, I was and always have been surrounded by high frequency people. But they saw me in a new way, when I vibed up.
Upon awakening, I then shed my attachments to the non-brilliant people. People usually call those people, people with negative mindsets. But really it’s simply people with mindsets you no longer vibrate on, nor do you want to, cause you gotta be you. So, I Detached from who I once was. Called in the higher version of myself, and THEN I started to attract people who vibrated on my frequency. Many of them also have experienced heartbreak, because of the depth of the way we love. I attracted more heart-centered people like me who are called to bring light into the world. 
I began to be pursued by men who vibrated on my frequency. Even at 6 Figures, I still vibrated on a 7 Figure frequency, but that’s not the way I went at that time, because most of those men were not a reflection of my heart. So I didn’t identify with them, because I didn’t SEE them as good people. I didn’t recognize them as a potential or future mate. I tossed them into the friend zone, where it seems so natural to place people who “like me.” 
But you know what else I’ve learned? You really don’t know people’s heart, until you get into that kind of mind space with them. Connecting to someone’s heart has to be an intentional thing. You must set out to get to know their heart, and pay attention to them. That means you need to look past your visual of them and the things they have. Look into the heart to see who they truly are. Doing this makes true love, that much easier to find.  Now if you match that up, with dating people who are physically what you want, and you get down to their heart core, My gosh! Love hits!
As you go through life, and gain new experiences, remember to shed your beliefs that no longer work. 
True Love isn’t hard to find. What you’re seeking is yourself. ~ Kissy Denise 
KissyDenise Gold