The Top Reason Why A God King Should Never Date A Basic B*tch

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A God King, is a divine human being. He’s a man like no other. He is going to perfect every part of his life. Therefore he is encoded to love his woman as God loves her. He’s going to protect, profess and provide exactly the way he was meant to. It may take him some time to get on this journey, and to actually learn the traits of a God King, before he inherits his crown, but he’s always on the path from day one.

He’s the guy who is super smart, treats women well and is on his path to getting money early in the game.  Chances are, he’s a Christian. You’ll notice he keeps a book in his hand. When it comes to women, he’s real chill.

He may have his moments, phases or stages, but overall he’s a good dude. At some point he wants a wife and decides to get a serious girlfriend. Here is how that goes. 

Just about every time I meet a super smart, super dope man whose had his heart broken, 9/10 he had his heart broken by a basic b*tch. The basic b*tch represents his former environment.  He has no idea of his growth and where he’s at in life. 

While he definitely understands he’s successfully grown way past his childhood upbringing, he still identifies with it due to humility in not truly seeing himself as the highest version of himself. 

So when he meets basic b*tch, she is pretty simple to capture, but once inside the relationship she has no value for him. He’s square AF to her, but cool and sweet. To him she’s fun, she gives him a chase, she’s not goo goo, ga ga over him, so he has to continue to chase her during the relationship. This makes it fun for him and makes him feel like he’s really captured a prize.  Because he connects with her and sees her as a prize, he’s willing to overlook her antics, indiscretions, disrespect, and everything else.  This bish will get a million and one chances to please this man.

His smart, logical, brain, makes him feel like she’s just a sweet girl who needs a little help growing her mindset. That poor little thing he says. He wants to save the princess from herself. So he sets out to snatch her brain the right way. He starts giving her knowledge, telling her which way to go, taking her nice places, trying to help her start a business, and attempting to rapidly retweak her mindset. He challenges her.  She does change a bit.

But she’s so d*mn basic she can’t absorb the knowledge he’s giving her. She has no appreciation for the game he’s lacing her with. Even more, she becomes offended by the man “trying to change her.” 

Meanwhile he continues to grow and level up. Because she’s so basic, and doesn’t want much out of life, she can’t even identify with or appreciate his level of growth, intelligence, and success.  She thinks he’s missing out on life. She can’t even appreciate the light and love in his heart.  None of those things are a reflection of her. Which is why she can’t see him.  Just like spiritual women go bouncing themselves into relationships with 3D men who still live in darkness, 5D men do the same thing. 

These men who deeply invest their hearts into basic b*tches are also healers.  Their healing soul, often stops to help out miss basic b*tch, as a means of procrastination from their soul work. 

After all, in his mind, he can fix anything. He could totally make her into what he wants her to be.  He’ll even accept that she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He doesn’t even find her super sexy.  Then other times he will be talking about how badd of a chick she is, and when an elite person sees a pic of her, she’s super basic. Love is more important to him than looks. He’s mostly overly turned on by her cause she keeps his mind challenged on some b.s. and trying to fix her. 

This slows him down from his purpose of mission. This also starts to decrease his self-esteem, because truth be told, the “b*tch is a losing cause.”  She’s too damn sleep, to see what’s in front of her.  She has a man right there bending over backwards for her, helping her, financing her, pouring all of his love into her, and she just sees him as an annoying, silly, lame.  She doesn’t want for much in life, so she’s not interested in growth.

He keeps trying to alter her. Meanwhile her eyes and heart are around the corner on another man. The man is always, always, always a lesser man than him.  The other man is never as successful as him. She clearly displays she’s happy with LESS, but he doesn’t get the message. Still he believes she just doesn’t know any better, and that all he has to do is show her the way. 

Next thing you know he’s hit the brick wall of heartbreak. During the process he even forgot much of who he is. She rocked him to sleep, instead  speaking life and love into him. She was supposed to speak to the King in him, but she didn’t see a King. She saw a court jester or a baby prince to pet on the head, and treated him as such.

After this he has to let go, heal up, look back and laugh at himself for wasting his time with team basic. Later he must also thank her. She’s the agitator of greatness who came to help him release his old trauma wounds that were hidden deep in the recesses of his mind.  She was sent to force him to raise his confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. 

Nothing propels a human being to make necessary changes like, emotional pain.  It will make you move fast to get some act right. 

You see his mind even before he met her was looking for excuses to slow down, and unconsciously looking for ways to slow down and procrastinate. So in pops the best one who will slap him awake. 

Had he not been subconsciously attempting to procrastinate, he would’ve got the badd azz chick who wants a whole lot out of life, and is on the path of success, herself.  For God Kings that’s the only type of woman who will truly appreciate him. 

People who grow are at the top. People at the top understand how hard it was to make that climb.  Wealth- conscious, spiritual men’s rise to the top takes even more than normal.  Their rise took mindset growth at deeper levels. Like attracts like, so only a woman whose on the same path can understand, appreciate and value his remarkable growth.

Such a woman will also challenge him and help him consciously evolve, and awaken, by triggering a more peaceful, surrendered form of soul love. In fact she’ll help his soul ascend faster.  His soul knows this, but his mind doesn’t. His mind at a certain point would’ve had no appreciation of such a woman. For human value is often only understood after the pain of parting ways with someone you loved and experiencing what you don’t like. Nothing helps us learn what we don’t want, like periods of experiencing and learning what we don’t like. Sometimes we don’t know what’s good for us, until after we realize what’s bad for us.  It’s a process of learning lessons on the journey.  That’s what he came here to do. Before we come to earth, we pick our mission and the lessons we want to learn. We come to learn these lessons, in order to teach and help other souls.

High trajectory souls leave their heavenly home on assignment to the earth realm, strictly for purpose.  They come to help other souls figure out their way to heaven.  Other souls aren’t as smart as us or fast as us for whatever reason, so we come back to help them stop their patterns that are causing them to come back lifetime after lifetime, continuing to live the same storyline. 

You came to move people past their old storyline. But to help others, we first have to help ourselves remember, because part of the agreement of coming into the earth realm is that your memory of who you are will be hidden deep in your subconscious. Only life events will trigger your remembrance.   You even decide how long you’ll take before you awaken. You even decide on what parents you’ll be born to.

I however don’t believe you choose exactly what events will happen to you. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you do. When you have chosen the exact event, it comes to you like dejavu. You trigger all events by your thoughts and desires. You’re never too later. You’re always on perfect time, yet procrastinating will delay you.

It would appear that a beautiful woman is only an object or vanity or something to be objectified. But what I have noticed is that even the most unattractive woman can often make herself emanate beauty by ramping up her efforts and the love she puts into her appearance.  Her face doesn’t have to be model-eque. But if she dresses herself in the finest fabrics, spiritually evolves, walks in divine feminine energy, and goes after success, she’ll start looking attractive to most people.  When I look at Michelle Obama, she’s not a beauty queen type of beauty. I can’t even say she’s win a beauty contest type, if she was unknown. But, when you look at her, would you call her anything other than beautiful? Probably not. It’s simply her essence.  Women who put effort into their appearance and upkeep, want to live a good life. Smart men go after such women, because it’s the perfect match. They are both stair climbers who aim for the best. Beauty and brains is a dope combination. It’s a dynamic team.

Chances are basic bish has this quote on her profile, cause she’s always keeping up drama. But chances are she don’t look nothing like Marilyn…

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