My attitude, behavior and mindset can somewhat be contributed to the men in my life. If I fall, they pick me up. If I slack they tell me to get it together. I didn’t grow up with a father, and I also experienced abusive relationships and men who tried to take from me. But after my last abusive relationship I vowed to never let another man mistreat me. I don’t touch doors when I’m in the presence of a man. I will not allow any man to stay around me who doesn’t treat me like a Queen. I only attract men who see me as a Queen or a Goddess. A man spending $300 on dinner to see me is chump change. I attract men who want to take care of me and provide for me. I attract men who give me mad game. I attract men who lift me higher and want to see me shine. I attract very abundant, prosperous men. I attract Kings and Gods. Men don’t believe that I should spend my own money when I’m in their presence. There is no other option other than treating me well. A man has to step up or step off. I don’t have to force them. They do this by CHOICE. They choose to be amazing men. Men literally delight in doing for me. If you see me talking good about a man, trust me that man is the bomb, plus some. They are divine.

Also my male friends are providers and go getters. They have millionaire mindsets and most are millionaires already. I believed that I AM the bomb well before I met these men. I’ve been Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece since 2003. The men in my life are only reflections of the way I feel about myself. A lot of you women you have no glow and no shine, because your man treats you like a basic b*tch. That’s what you signed up for. You sit online and you watch all of these other women getting gifts from men, getting taken on exotic vacations and there you go with your man at home, going 50/50, cutting out coupons, telling you what you can’t have cause his azz feels like he can only save to buy a house, with half of your money, but he can’t figure out a profitable business to dress you in the finest clothes and have you living your best life. You gotta wait for him to upgrade you to a respectable ring. Ya’ll on the I can only have 1 thing plan. Abundance isn’t either of your mindsets.

As long as you have a vagina, you run the world. Just know you settled for what you thought you were worth. Personally I refuse to settle for a man that I can’t brag about. It’s too easy to get a basic man. Run me a man who runs circles around these other dudes.