The Shamanic Secrets To Find Your Purpose & Manifest Like Magic

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Real spiritual awakening is so life changing, that I think very few “professionals” tend to explain with it with great clarity. It’s definitely not all light and love. It’s pain and frustration mixed with glory before the fun begins.

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Going woo woo and grounding myself into the spiritual realm is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I used to have a very hard time understanding it’s real, although I obviously manifest with the best of them.

The person that truly helped me get through and learn spiritual principles that help me in every part of life is Makhosi Candiss. She is a Shamaness, but not the dark kind you’re used to hearing about. She’s a light, a great mirror of me, beautiful, self-less, brilliant, heart-centered and loves to see people doing well. But her best gift is her understanding of spirituality. She’s like a spiritual computer that understands every level of spiritual awakening. Also like me she is a Dream Life Activator. We both help people find their purpose and manifest like magic.

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Candiss is having an upcoming webinar “The Shamanic Secrets To Find Your Purpose & Manifest Like Magic,” where she will explain the process of purpose, magic and manifestation the shamanic way. At the end of the webinar her cart will be open for three days to join her course. I want everyone to learn these secret principles that she’s knows because they’ve helped me greatly.

I especially recommend you sign up for her free webinar if you’re:

  • a spiritual seeker who struggles to find your purpose
  • You’ve already experienced success but feel there’s a nagging void that says there’s something bigger for you.
  • You’ve spent countless hours doing self-help work, watching videos, reading books and still can’t figure out how to use that information to transform your life.
  • You’re tired of the same day, week and month, day after day, year after year and are ready to get off the hamster wheel.


during the free webinar you will learn:


The most common mistakes people make on their spiritual journey and how to avoid them.


How to create a supportive environment to bring peace to your sacred journey.


The proven system you've been missing that will lead you to your divine purpose and manifest your soul's desires.


Get clear on your soul ascension path to identify what stage of life you're in.

In partnership, I am offering a few bonuses to work with me for those who buy into her course during open cart.

Enlightenment is not just one state

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