When men start getting rich money, sometimes they start getting big. You can see it in their chin. πŸ’°

Ladies, take your husband to the gym, start cooking healthier meals for him. Fix him some salads and smoothies. πŸ₯— Pack his lunch. Hire a chef to save him time. Sexercise with him or do something creative. Don’t wait till he gets fat and out of control to say something. Nip it in the bud before it happens. He wants you to see him as sexy. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

If that’s your husband and you’re not helping him maintain his weight, it’s your fault too. He can’t see the slow weight gain, the way you can. The same way you wouldn’t be able to see your own.

It’s a team effort. Dope women are always 10 steps ahead… Chess not checkers. β™Ÿ Have vision. πŸ‘

You’re supposed to be your husband’s muse. πŸ’„This is why you need a man who provides. You gotta feel good enough about your husband, and care about him enough to speak life & love into him, prophesize over him, and speak the word over your family. 🎀

You gotta care about his body and health, the same way you care about yours. ❀️ That’s love. Provider men are often busy building empires and sometimes they forget to tend to themselves. As a wife, it’s your job to keep your household balanced and on point. πŸ’―

P.S. If he hasn’t married you, feed that ninja some Popeyes with a side of fries, extra salt.