Stop Trying To Fix A Man You Don’t Want Anyway

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When you’re constantly complaining about him, you don’t want him. You want him to be someone else. He will feel this energy and start to move away from you.

Now that we have that out of the way….. When a man isn’t good for you, maybe you should let him go. Stop trying to fix him or change him. Stop waiting on him to come around. Stop waiting for him to come home at night, when you know what he’s out there doing. Just stop!

Stop trying to FIX or CHANGE a man. And stop waiting on him to get some act right.

I know….easier said than done.  Let’s explore that.

You have nothing to prove to a man who doesn’t treat you well.

Nope. You don’t have to hang in there, nor have patience with a man who treats you like sh*t or one who doesn’t know how to treat a lady.  Its not up to you to fix him. Sure he tells you that you should be happy with the way he treats you. But it doesn’t feel good. Period.

A few times in the past a man has told me that I am spoiled.  I am. I am accustomed to dealing with distinguished GENTLEMEN.

When you’re loving on a man a certain way, and that love isn’t being returned, ask yourself what about him is good for you other than you feel a certain way about him that’s unrequited?

Does he give you bare respect at the minimum? Does he value your opinions and feelings?

If not, Listen Sis, you deserve better and blah, blah, blah. I could ramble on and tell you this all day. But it’s on you to believe you deserve better and make moves that reflect that belief.

When you feel you are worthy of better you will attract better men. Period.

Better men do better things.

But so do better women.

The way a man treats you is merely a reflection of you. When you change he will change.

When you leave an abusive man, he will either kill you if you don’t hide, or he’ll move on and realize you are not the one because he can’t find you to abuse you. BECAUSE YOU CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS.

But let’s say that you have a fairly decent/ non-abusive relationship, where maybe you still feel a little used or emotionally abused. Meaning you don’t feel loved.

Chances are you are abusing yourself and he’s reflecting that back to you.  For example, when you are with a man whom you know isn’t good enough for you. Do you have negative self-talk going on in your head? That’s where the self-abuse starts. You will want to replace that with MORE  self-love and acceptance. Of course you love yourself, but there’s levels to this. (secret levels)

When a man isn’t treating you right look at yourself. Ask WHY you are accepting it, or WHERE can you treat yourself better? Or simply leave. Talking about it often does not render the results that you desire. help, Men don’t respond to talk. They respond to actions.

Having a wonderful relationship with the man you love comes down to choosing the right man and showing up properly.

You don’t have to fix a man. He will fix himself if he wants to be with you.  

It is the masculine man’s responsibility to fix/heal himself. It’s also your responsibly to heal yourself. Your attempts to fix him is really masked procrastination, so that you don’t have to focus on fixing you and GOING TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL.   Trying to fix him hurts YOU. It’s causing you to break you.  BABY, what good man wants a broken woman?

Trying to fix a man is also a sign of wounded masculine energy in you, which attracts broken men. (like attracts like)

A woman is better off finding ways to be and embrace relishing in your feminine energy.  That is what heals a man, shifts him and causes an improved change in his behavior towards you.   He’s drawn to the warmth of it.  Allow yourself to receive his leadership and don’t overextend yourself. Men are not handicapped the way some masculine women think they are.


It’s not up to you to PROVE to a man that you’re going to A.B.C.D & E. It’s up to you to just BE.   So you can stop trying to be the hostest with the mostest, touting off your accolades.

Show up as the beautiful, radiant, sensual, healing woman that God created you to be.  When you make yourself a priority a strong, dominant, masculine, successful man will be drawn to you. It will feel so good to be with him, wrapped in his arms, nurtured, protected, provided for, loved and SAFE.

Men are created to figure things out. He loves figuring out the woman he loves, even if it takes him 50+ years.

Let’s say that you have a pretty good man and there are very minor things you would like him to improve upon in order to make you happy. THIS is the man you can change by changing you.

You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – In 2023 you simply become a woman who values herself enough to get what she wants. Boss!

What do you want? You want GOD, SUCCESS, HEALTH & WEALTH. But you also want LOVE too.

You want a great man, a King, a soulmate, loyalty, honesty, integrity, a partner, a sexy travel companion, a successful business,  friend, a confidant, a lover, Your 1 and only, your forever, a successful mate who you can take over the world with, like Pinky & The Brain.

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