As I look around me to see what I have created, I feel so relaxed.  I went from being overly excited about the empire that I am creating, to feeling calm about it all. 

The calmness came after I saw my future so clearly, as if it already is. It Is! It’s done just as clear as day.

One of my Facebook followers inboxed me to commend me on my accomplishments.   He’s been following me since 2009.  I’ve made quite a few shifts since then. 

His message made me realize that back in 2009, he was already conscious, evolving, and helping people. 

I know many coaches who’ve been coaching for a decade, all around me. But instead I chose a different route, and now I am here.

Looking back I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to be a life coach. I wasn’t ready to understand the impact that I have on other human beings.  I wasn’t ready to walk in gratitude. I hadn’t learned enough. 

Those of us who come from broken homes, and traumatizing childhoods, take longer to heal.  There are so many lessons we must learn before we come into the wholeness of our higher selves. 

Before today I thought the saying “You are exactly where you are supposed to be,” was total b.s.  B.S. Because if you’re not living the life of your dream, obviously you feel like you’re supposed to be someplace better. 

Yet there is something about your soul that chose to stay where you are and to experience the things you have. 

Where you are in business right now is exactly where you decided to be.  You could’ve very well chosen to be a millionaire or a billionaire by now, but obviously you didn’t. Because if you REALLY chose and decided, you would DO THE WORK. 

But chances are you are too busy being all woo woo with excuses as to why you can’t move forward… You’re waiting on the alignment of perfect timing.  Which will NEVER come.  Perfection is an illusion that can only be created by you DOING the work. 

To understand the extent of just how much DOING THE WORK impacts your life, you would have to DO THE WORK and see what’s on the other side. 

The process of wealth and awakening is not an easy journey. Nobody tells you the Universe is going to drop kick the sh*t out of you on the way there.  

But those lessons you learn are EVERYTHING. You are being built up to lead your tribe.  You must rise into acceptance and knowing. 

I’ve always known HOW to have a healthy relationship, but what I wasn’t aware of is the understanding of trauma, yin yang, sacred divine union, masculinity, femininity, purpose, soul alignment and how the importance of being equally yoked all play into a relationship.