If someone wants to date you, then they need to love your soul right now. Not tomorrow

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I was thinking…. I have a few toxic patterns, but none bad enough where a real masculine man would deem them too much.

I am brilliant. Of course I am going to keep getting better and figure it out.

People say that people should of course want you once you’re all healed up, because you are a different person.

They say it’s wrong to say “If you couldn’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

While some people truly are THE WORST, some people’s worst is still great. Ultimately, what I realized is that the person for you, TRULY wants you right now, even with your traits.

Just like how women see potential in men, people need VISION to see WHERE someone is going. A person must fall in love with your very soul, and see you from a 5D perspective. Otherwise that relationship has ZERO chance of loving you for a lifetime.

So when a person makes EXCUSES for WHY they don’t want to be with you, it’s more time wasting, giving you just enough, waiting for something better to pop up.

Heck Beyonce’s ex boyfriend waited for something better to pop up. 🤣 Silly Rabbit. Then Jay Z popped up. 🤣

Jay Z Beyonce

Jay Z is a God, of course he went after the Goddess on sight.  He knew these other dudes couldn’t hold him.  Bey is dope, but don’t get it twisted. Jay put some swag on her and taught her some things.

Some women simply aren’t meant to be with a peasant dude, who is on basic, mediocre stuff, asking her to be less divine. She real life needs a real n*gga to pull up. Or in laments terms a DIVINE MASCULINE KING, who knows what to do with a Goddess.

Most men are CLUELESS on what to do with a Goddess other than stare at her or complain about her high standards. So many women have Goddess in them, but it never gets fully birthed cause she doesn’t get coaching help, doesn’t ever figure it out on her own, ON TOP of dating men who don’t see the Goddess in her.  People be real life, running in circles.

10 years from now, people will be running around SINGLE, talking about toxic this, and toxic that.

I wondered why I’ve never defined anyone I’ve met as toxic. I don’t see people that way. So using that term is very inauthentic to me, although I understand for the masses it’s their current “cool” description to describe someone that they don’t know how to get along with.

Labeling someone as “toxic” is another form of spiritual bypassing. It allows you to place blame outside of yourself, instead of becoming aware of how you’re showing up for that relationship and making changes.

You’ll bypass and think you’re going somewhere, but nope. It just leads back to your little cubby hole of darkness. What you want is awareness. Awareness is the light. What you really need to do is sit with those emotions, triggers and really reflect on how you cause it all.

I know, you probably want to slap me right now.

Now I am sure some people are toxic AF, like cheaters and people who steal from you or abuse you. But for the most part, most people actually do aim to be good people. But for the average person, their definition of “good” is much lower that the scale a genius or wealth conscious, spiritual person’s scale.

Finding yourself in a toxic relationship is actually compromised of an individual mostly not knowing what they truly want. Because if you knew what you wanted, you wouldn’t be entertaining such a person in the first place.

Secondly if you are entertaining a person you deem toxic, a lot of times that’s not how you saw them. You labeled them toxic after being unable to learn how to COMMUNICATE with them in a manner conducive towards the highest consent of your soul and to the elevation of maintaining a healthy, conscious relationship.

Yes I know babe.  Take your medicine with a sip of water.

People also tell you to stop trying to be perfect. But eliminating toxicity in your relationships and personality is just that.

All life is is a journey of perfection.

Gosh, why do you bother listening to ANY advice from basic people. They always lead you away from your soul. (Read that line again.)

Anyway, I posted this on social media and OF COURSE someone took my statement to mean that I’m not perfect.

But how wrong he was.  When he told me that I wasn’t perfect, nor toxic, this was my response.


You see how I got this revelation, was by realizing my own PERFECTION.

I am incredibly awesome and diverse. My brain is like a computer. I program it to do whatever I want. I’m also very easy on the eyes…  No, phuck that. Bish, I am gorgeous!  Baby, I am a whole Macbook pro with divine human intelligence.  A man would be crazy not to want a piece of me.

Have you seen me?


I know.. Society told you it was arrogant to talk about yourself like that. They told you to be more humble and sh*t on yourself.  They want you to talk about your perceived flaws and deficiencies.

Don’t listen to these people. Baby, that’s why they aren’t a superstar. Superstars shine bright like a diamond. 💎 You weren’t made to blend in. Truth be told, that’s why you follow me in the first place. Something attracted you to me. It’s THE LIGHT.  💎

Listen to this little girl. She knows more than average mindsets. 

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Gorgeous. 😍 Have you looked in the mirror today? 😉

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In addition, I realized that I have never been in love with a man and told him that he wasn’t perfect. He was perfect enough for me. All he had to do was keep growing his soul and not cross me.   

Only a non-divine, unenlightened person, would date a person whom they don’t feel to be perfect.  Life isn’t about settling for less. Not even in relationships.  It’s TOTALLY insane to wake up to a person every morning and be reminded of how imperfect they are. That’s not alignment.

But until you learn to see the divine in other souls, by first seeing the divine within yourself, you’ll never find anyone perfect enough for you.

You’re only going to put up with from others, the lack of perfection you see in yourself. Notice how you REFUSE to date anyone dumb.  You can’t even take it.

Now you have the info. So that’s between you and God.


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