5 Reasons INEPT MEN Attract Bad Women and No One Feels Bad For Them

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I have a ton of male followers, and quite often they want me to feel empathy for them. They want me to feel sorry for them, their decisions and choices to be average, medicore and whatever else.  They are the first to say ‘not all men.” Or the statement “That goes for women too or reverse”

It’s like a whole me too campaign lead by weak men.  I don’t feel sorry for them.

Here’s why.

Half of the time, when a man complains that a woman dogged him out, that woman showed clear signs of not liking him or having traits that are not reflective of a good, kind-hearted woman.  Sure there is a chase initially but a man in tune can feel if a woman likes him or not.

Half of the time it wasn’t a beautiful woman that dogged you out. She was average at best, and played you like a fiddle. Yet you spit nothing but ire at the beautiful women who’ve never done anything to you.  In fact if you meet a beautiful woman who likes you, you will mistreat her in order to raise your self-esteem, and tell her how bad of a person she is, when it’s YOU.  It’s crazy the chaos that goes on in the minds of a lot of men. Like Rihanna said, Don’t get it twisted. You were just anything n*gga on the h*t list, trying to fix your inner issues with a bad b*tch. So you got left as a sex toy and nothing else. Woke women know what’s up, even if she gives you multiple opportunities to correct your behavior or evolve.

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It’s not necessary for anyone to feel bad for men who choose bad women.

Women are naturally kind and loving. They are so kind and loving that most men take advantage of them.

A man must ask himself, how he managed to choose the 1 bad woman out of 3,000.  I’m not saying women don’t have flaws. They do. But most of them have good intentions for the men they deal with and don’t want to overly take from him. Most women are not super feminine and are bad at receiving. So they give A LOT to a man.

An impuissant man is not a good man the way he often believes himself to be.  Men who get dogged by women are often lazy in personal development, character,  physical appearance or in romance quality.

For instance, yes the so called “good man,” may have a decent job and doesn’t cheat. But what else do you have going for you? Would a high caliber woman be impressed to see your woman with YOU? Or are you simply offering women a life of mediocrity?

If a woman can’t brag to bourgeoise women about you, then chances are, you may not be a good man.  Ciara can proudly brag about her husband, not just because he’s an NFL player, but because in addition to that he treats her amazing and his character and personal brand is also amazing.

Many men could utilize help in establishing a better personal brand and being a better representative of God’s favor. But instead they look like crap. While the so called ‘bad men’ look like a million bucks… This isn’t rocket science.

When men say ‘Why do women constantly choose the wrong man?” It’s different.

Most men ARE the wrong man.


Even the impuissant men are the wrong men. As they make terrible mates for high value women. Such men constantly chase high value women, complaining about her high standards or trying to say something to her to pull her down to his level. He does not know how to lift a woman up, the way a wealthy, tuned in man does.

Men are only naturally good to the woman he deeply loves. Most times he’s not in love, even when he gets married. Which is why cheating is so rampant.

Most times when a woman chooses a man she is going to choose wrong. Out of 3,000 men only about 3 of them are good.

All of the singleness in this world is because women are not choosing the impuissant men, and they don’t know how to get the 3 good men.

So therefore this is how it goes.

Boy meets girl. Boy seduces girl. They have sex. He nuts, sometimes no condom. She gets pregnant sometimes. The baby inside her raises her consciousness and responsibility level. Now she suddenly realizes she’s with an immature man who can’t help that women keep giving him their numbers to call….

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If she doesn’t get pregnant, he tries to have sex with her as long as possible, as long as she doesn’t catch on to the game of her harassing her sexual energy for free.

The only women who avoid this chaos are the divine feminine women with strategy and understanding.

Life is an abundant battle field. You will only access the Kingdom of Heaven by doing a ton of self-help work to live in another realm.

Cause the 3D realm goes on forever, where people don’t mind wasting time.

How many couples have been married for 10+ years and still they don’t even make $500K a year together????

That doesn’t even make sense.

There are some of us who are lions and eagles. We understand how life works. We will not mate with an average human being. We just won’t. Period.


Men choose bad women, because he’s not in tune with himself.  Most men are the wrong man because a great proportion of men have done very little self-development work on themselves.  Despite that fact, he can easily find a woman to have sex with. Therefore he believes he knows everything about women.

Whenever an individual thinks they know it all, soul growth is limited. Acquiring wisdom is a life-long journey.

1. Such a man doesn’t know himself. 2. He doesn’t know women. 3. Which means he’s also not tapped into God.

How can such a man possibly attract the right woman for him or be the right man for any woman? I find most men absolutely terrible in their behaviors towards women. Their entire thought process is screwed up. Especially 50/50 men.


Through my years of research and hands on experience I’ve watched men ignore advice on God, and advice on personal branding, despite the advice coming from a successful person. But the minute he meets a woman he REALLY likes, and the woman says she’s worth $20 Million, all of a sudden he wants to tune in with God. And the woman dumps him because he can’t keep up with her spiritually, financially, emotionally, or even culture wise. But he would believe himself to be a good man.

4. Most men wouldn’t know what a good woman is, even if she sat on his face. Which women often do. But all men know is that he had a great sexual experience. The core of the woman and the rest he can’t identify, because men are programmed to be taken through the ringer. When a woman is sweet and loving, often times it doesn’t turn him on.

5. The average man does not know how to talk to an amazing woman. You can cruise the social media account of any sexy, enlightened, attractive, bold Goddess and you will see men in her comments disagreeing with everything she says. Although he is highly attracted to her, his brain frequency can’t keep up with her state of awareness.

Even men who are doing the work often-times still play games, or don’t know how to love. Most people don’t know how to love. For love is a gift from God. It’s a feeling that men quite often are unable to tap into and most women don’t know how to be love.

Now for the women who’ve done the work. They now require a man to do the work to get her. But men are lazy cause he can always get everything he wants from other women, and that keeps him distracted for most of his life, until it finally hits him that he’s never truly experienced real love.

Amazing men have business coaches, relationship coaches, accountants, spiritual guides and do what it takes to evolve. Those men usually have a wife or fiancé. Otherwise they are healing.