How many times have you found yourself talking to a man who gets frustrated with you when you’re attempting to relay your emotional needs to him?

Chances are, he felt like you were complaining about him. 

Men are very sensitive creatures, and oftentimes more sensitive than women because they have so many bottled up, repressed emotions living inside of him.   He also wants to be perfect for his woman, but chances are he has also never met a true Queen so therefore he doesn’t know how to speak to her. 

Personally when men meet me, some think that the term Goddess and Queen are just some kind of words that I go by. So it shocks them that I actually embody it and will kick them to the curb when they don’t speak to me as such. 

Some men are accustomed to emotionally unavailable women. Therefore he doesn’t completely know how to speak to a Queen.  Which results in his attempts to emotionally connect to her, failing. 

This severely frustrates him and makes him feel not good enough. He doesn’t understand that an emotionally healthy woman literally FEELS words. 

Just telling a woman you “like” her and that she’s “cool” means absolutely NOTHING to her.  Those words don’t truly register in her heart. 

You see a woman was created to be loved, so she feels from her heart. If you don’t say the right words to her, you force her to move into her head and overthink, in an attempt to logically figure out what’s going on. 

Men often wonder why the bad guys get all of the good women. It’s because those men know how to speak to a woman. He will tell her that she’s a Queen and treat her like one in a heartbeat. Because he knows how to speak to a woman, he often takes advantage of women once he thinks he has truly captured her heart.  Then when he gets to a woman who won’t fall for the okey doke he’s shocked and pins her as the worst woman in the world, because she won’t put up with his crap. 

As a man, you expect women to serve you and speak to the King in you. That’s her job.  Your job is to speak to the Queen in her so that she may heal, ascend and evolve. 

Good men nourish their woman with acts of kindness, gifts, words full of emotions, time, affection and attention.  A good man circumferences his woman, because she is apart of him and from his rib cage. In order to bond with her and reconnect her back to your soul, you must speak LIFE into her.

Some men already know this. Those are the men who truly know how to connect to a woman’s soul.

King Bryant speak life to women