When I hear people talk about love and they are not my clients, I say nothing. But what I noticed is that even the kindest people don’t truly know what love is. For they’ve never experienced it.

But to my boss chicks. Let me tell you something. ANY man who is willing to standby, and watch you struggle DOES NOT love you the way a King would love you. We stand by these feminine men and feel sorry for them, that they can’t be the man God called them to be and provide. We look at them with sympathy, instead of empathy.   So you build the business, become the mind, call in lots of money, and end up taking care of a man. Providing for him almost the same way you would your kids.

A King would get 5 jobs just to take care of you. But you as a boss chick are encoded to feel like you can do it on your own. You feel like you MUST do it on your own and that there are no other options. You operate in so much masculine energy that men don’t feel the need to take care of you. Men look at you like “You got this!” Instead of  “Here babygirl. I believe in you. Let me help you get there.”

Therefore you’ve never felt what it actually feels like to be treated like a real Queen, who is pampered, adored, feels safe, has a man serving you on hand and foot, wanting to do everything for you, KNOWING that you are taken care of and that your needs will always be met by him. You don’t know how it feels to have a King who proudly pays ALL of the bills, while you do whatever it is that you please. You don’t know what it feels like to have a man who PROVIDES for you. 

And he doesn’t know what it feels like to truly be served and worshipped as King, because you have no time to cater to him in such a way, cause he has never shown up as a divine King in your life. He’s been nothing more than a  woman in a male body who has rooted you on with kinds words.  You did all of the heavy lifting to build your 6-7 figure business. 

So it’s no surprise that a lot of relationships are breaking up, because the woman is getting money and waking up. Her consciousness is increasing. She’s becoming tired of working in the masculine all the time. She looks at her man and realizes he operates mostly in feminine energy. It’s a backwards relationship. Totally not divine.  She can not access her feminine royal templates in such a relationship. 

People talk about how hard relationships are. But they are not. Yes, you may have some rough patches and some things to get through, but love with a soulmate continues to grow and grow. You actually do feel like you need that person because they fulfill your soul. When you feel you can do without your mate, when you feel “there has to be more” elsewhere, it’s time to reflect. It’s time to reset the relationship. It’s time to reconnect or move on. LOYALTY keeps so many people in the wrong karmic relationship.

It’s interesting how society beautifies “struggle love.” Meanwhile most good-hearted women wouldn’t even want a man to struggle and suffer with her.  Which is why she gets up off her azz and makes things happen. So why can’t he?

That’s fine for some women. But other women are born to be King worshippers. You know you were born to be a King worshipper because you are so good at getting your own money. Your mind was equipped to help a King build his empire. But you believed that you had to use your hands, instead of your feminine essence.  So now you find yourself married or in a relationship unsubmitted. 

When a woman truly loves a man who is KING, she submits to him and serves him in a way that fulfills the very essence of his soul. He feels complete with you. You are one. You become his comfort. Not his PROVIDER.   Do you realize you’re so damn strong that you make men feel safe, because he knows “You got this!” He knows bills will get paid, because of you.   Struggle together love is a karmic relationship, to learn lessons. It has no permanence in this universe. When you get two people who are incomplete (not whole) because they don’t know who they are and what they truly want,  you get in a karmic relationship that eventually has to end.

People really fall into these “Oh. Our relationship sucks, we’ve been through much. But we’ve stuck by each other’s side relationships.” Those relationships are 3D. 5D relationships are expansive. It’s like a smooth game of ping pong. Sometimes the ball won’t connect to the paddle and you gotta dig deep to find out why. Once you figure it out GROWTH happens, then you get rewarded with a deeper love. 

Always remember that true, divine love is expansive. It gets deeper and better over time. 

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