Notes for women seeking a husband that they can be proud of

by | Confidence & Self-Love

Listen ladies, following the advice of chauvinistic men on Youtube is going to lead you wrong and cause you to settler less. I’ve seen one too many women trying to HUMBLE themselves and submit to the berating of a narcissistic man with a Youtube channel. He ALWAYS tells her that she’s not good enough.

I’m not saying that I’m better, but I am saying that because my intent is LOVE, that my clients and friends wind up getting wonderful mates who seek to make them happy. I love you and want the best for you. Good men also want the best for you.

The difference between me and everyone else is that others want to tell you that you are limited. Your only limitation is that you CAN’T do everything on your own. You will kill yourself trying to do so.  You need a REAL MAN in your life.

You need to manifest him.

Here are some tips to help keep you on the path of getting what you want.

Young women: DO NOT let men waste your time. If he doesn’t want to marry you and provide for you BLOCK HIM. Do not let a man sample your goods SEVERAL TIMES, and tell you “Let’s just see how this plays out.” A man who doesn’t know what he wants isn’t worth anything but CASH.

Honey, that man will drain you for your youth, okay. And he will keep it going as long as you let him.  When older men date younger women, YOU REVITALIZE him.  You are a youth serum. Especially because you don’t quite have the WISDOM of an older women yet, and you’ll make excuses for his ill behavior.

Don’t let a man tell you that he will only do for you what you can afford to do for yourself. He’s playing on you. I personally wouldn’t be able to write these blogs or books, or probably even know how a man is supposed to treat a woman, if it wasn’t for some non-urban men who showed me how a woman should be treated.  Never get into the habit of trying to be neck and neck with men in MATERIALS. Never let a man try to make you feel like he’s better than you, because he has more money than you. He’s not. Better men LOVE women, nurture women and UPLIFT women. His kindness will humble you.

If you don’t understand this, only take a look online at what the 50/50 men say about women. They say women are miserable, bitter and blah, blah, blah.  50/50 men have drained the JOY out of women. And they will drain you too if you let them.

BOSS CHICKS: You have worked hard in life to get where you are. DO NOT make the mistake of settling for a man who isn’t paying ALL of your bills. You do not want too much. Honor your desires. You need a man who is SMART like you and knows the value of having a brilliant mind that knows how to get paid.

Single Mothers: DO NOT fall into the belief that you can’t get a man who will provide for you and your kids. YOU CAN.

DO NOT listen to the limitations of this world. LIVE IN GOD’S WORLD. IT’S ABUNDANT. It’s the world where all of your dreams come true.

Love yourself enough to get what you want. INVEST in a spiritual healer who has divine relationship knowledge. Because even if you get married, without healing, you will still have MAJOR problems. Unhealed women attract unhealed men, and once you’re married chances are you will tolerate way more than you did when you were single.kissy denise gold logo