Most men really are dumb. Which is why SMART men beat them out

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My awakening has come through the hands of my two beautiful female friends and quite a few brilliant men.

I spent a great deal of my life dealing with men who aren’t smarter than me. But OF COURSE they all wanted to be.  That causes a HUGE problem that many women don’t even know about.

These men believed themselves to be in competition with me. So they would try to “sh*t on me,” as one recently said. They come up with diabolical plans to get you back for NOTHING.  They get upset because they want to outsmart you. But they can’t.

Being in the presence of a Kissy Denise, and not being able to capture her hand in marriage is a loss to a boss. 

Of course you’re not smarter than me if you haven’t bowed down and given me everything my heart desires. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Even when I wasn’t making the best decisions in men, my subconscious told me that the men I dated were dumb.  The thing about VALUE is that you can’t ignore it. It’s internal. It’s always whispering, telling you who you are.

And smart boss chicks truly have ZERO understanding of why a man would date them and not value them. They don’t believe that a man could do that. But that’s exactly what men do. The internet causes them to keep SEARCHING FOR THE BEST OPTION, when they themselves are not the best option.  But yes, they will use up boss chicks along the way, get her knowledge, pretend to care for her, pretend to be her friend, all in the name of leveling himself up enough to get the woman he truly wants.

(Only later do they realize I WAS THAT WOMAN…. It will always be a settle after me. My soul is just that unique, divine and one of a kind. I’m a life experience. Baby, I am heaven on earth.)

I am smart. Just yesterday a BILLIONAIRE told me how much he loves my brilliance. (Dumb people hate when I say that. They don’t like when you say nice things about yourself. They don’t understand why you have a need to REPEAT THESE THINGS OUT LOUD.)

Like recognizes like in this world, and dumb men can’t see my brilliance.  Dumb men also don’t have millions of dollars to invest in me.   They chase AZZ and invest in chicks who will NEVER become the likes of a Kissy Denise.

If i am to talk about my spirit very honestly, I am called to do big sh*t in this world. It’s already in motion. I BEEN doing IT.

But I WAS doing it while being tugged at by a bunch of sh*tty azz, silly azz, dumb azz, slow azz, crotch chasing, soul draining dudes. whose presence and moronic beliefs slowed me down.  Dudes don’t even notice that you never post them on social media. That should be the FIRST sign that they are quite possibly a sh*tty man. Brilliant women, even when dealing with a b.s. man will NEVER post a photo with him on social media. Even if she does, she later deletes him, because he becomes an embarrassment to her.  Crazy how men don’t even mind being an embarrassment in a woman’s life.

Men who don’t spend money on you are embarrassments. Men who don’t want to marry you are embarrassments. Men who cheat on you are embarrassments.   Average men suck so much, that most women simply accept THAT world, and the embarrassments that come with it.

Then the rest of the women who believe they can do better than that are often considered crazy. Meanwhile Blac Chyna got big sh*t popping in this world.

Any man sticking his d*ck in you, and doesn’t want to marry you, should be at the least cashing you out, for WASTING YOUR TIME. Cause that’s exactly what he’s doing.  You don’t have all day to play with him. Bish, the clock is TICKING!

How dare a man approach a me and not want to marry me…. BIG DUMMY. Of course I’m going to talk all kinds of crazy to him. Of course I’m not going to have an ounce of respect for him. Of course a man is dumb for not balling out on me. Of course I think men who don’t break break are dumb af.

Why was I fighting these beliefs?  Why would a man expect a Goddess to respect him, when he doesn’t respect himself and his own life enough to contribute to her ascension?  What kind of FOOLISH man would miss an opportunity to bless a Goddess, and get a maximum return on his abundance?

I used to feel bad about having these beliefs.  I suppressed them and got my azz beat. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But the more brilliant men that I attract, the more I see how right I was. They know a woman’s value. They contribute to women for their own benefit. Often-times it’s not even about the woman. Real Talk…. Sometimes women even think they be getting over on the dudes who spend it. But they are not, when that man is wise, he knows he can’t lose.

Here is the thing about dumb men. Dumb men like to keep women dumb. So they’ll go find a smart woman, use her up for everything she has and try to keep her dumb as possible, while they chase p*ssy prints.

So, it’s so easy for a SMART man to come along and start dropping knowledge on her, spending money on her, showing her new things, and raising her state of awareness. Most men only do ONE of these things, so they never get chosen….

Brilliant men can’t stand a dumb azz woman. Which is why most of them date women who are 5’s in the face and 10’s in the bank account. They LOVE smart women. So they won’t keep you dumb. They will smarten you up.

Meanwhile, the ole penile man whose been in your face for YEARS, thinking he’s dragging you along, holding you in a space, while he chases, suddenly realizes you no longer like him AT ALL.  The real has exposed the fake.

So while he thought he was playing chess against you. He was really playing checkers and the brilliant men outmaneuvered his azz on the chess board. Cause real Kings play chess baby. They don’t phuck with that remedial checkerboard. It doesn’t even get their d*ck hard. They want a woman who is a challenge.

Brilliant men are Gods. They are kind. They are giving. They are loving. The average woman has no chance against these men.  The average man can’t hold a phucking candle to a brilliant man.

Average men are so dumb, and think so penile, that a brilliant man only has to say a few sentences to a smart woman to level her up, away from team average and mediocre.

Thank You God. Something told me not to marry any of those dumb azz men!  I’m too much of a Queen to be married to a coward of a man. I just knew that I was too good to marry a man who could easily be persuaded by a p*ssy print. Even though that seemed quite normal, and it seemed that ALL men were that weak, for some reason, I just couldn’t deal with it.

I dumped a man because I saw that ratchets and basic bishes who still lived with their mama, were able to play with his head. That was just too weak for me. That’s why he was slow getting his bread up. He couldn’t even stay focused on ME, the one who was leveling him up. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Lawd, how do you get distracted by ratchets, when you’re in the presence of a Goddess.

The blind I tell ya………….   (Blind cause you wouldn’t be with him in the first place, if only YOU could see yourself.)

The game is going to be played. A smart man is going to play it with a brilliant woman who actually gives AF about him too, and not just herself. He’s going to choose to play it with a woman that’s playing WITH him and not against him.

There is so much darkness in this world, that average man end up playing themselves, by intentionally playing the game AGAINST love, then wondering why they’ve never RECEIVED real love, can’t KEEP real love, and end up with squash.

Meanwhile the BRILLIANT man has the life, business and woman he wants.

I see why many men go after younger women.  A grown azz woman, would know that he is dumb.  They need to start over with younger women, and relive their life all over again.

Meanwhile, once again, a brilliant man wants a woman with some WISDOM.

The wisdom that I learned about 2-years ago and honored ever since, is that I desire to have DEEP, surrendered RESPECT for a man. I am called for sacred union. Therefore I can only submit to a God.

I won’t respect a man who hits me. I won’t respect a man who cheats on me. I won’t respect a man who calls me out of my name. I won’t respect a man who doesn’t respect me.  I won’t respect a man who doesn’t serve the Queen in me. Heck, honestly, I don’t even respect a man whose in my face, but thinks he can do better than me.

Everything in me is created for a true KING.

Yet, I didn’t respect myself enough to not deal with men who didn’t bring it. Self-reflection is everything. TODAY is a new day.

I’d highly suggest you KNOW THYSELF.