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For many years, we have witnessed Mary J. Blige deliver soul-stirring performances, using her powerful voice to empower women. However, behind the scenes, she has faced her fair share of challenges, particularly in dealing with toxic men while embracing her own masculine energy.

Mary J. Blige is a firm believer in the strength of women and she strongly opposes the idea of ex-wives being obligated to pay alimony to their ex-husbands. In her eyes, this practice is simply “wack” and goes against her principles.

Recently, the renowned singer, who has won multiple Grammy awards, engaged in a live interview with Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure. During this conversation, she fearlessly addressed a range of topics, from tax issues to the negative aspects of divorce.

During the interview, Mary opened up about her personal journey through divorce, specifically her split from Kendu Issacs in 2016. It was revealed that their divorce settlement was finalized in 2018, after Mary had already been mandated to pay Issacs a monthly spousal support of $30,000, as reported by People.

When Rashad Bilal posed a question about advice for wealthy women contemplating marriage, Mary reflected on her own experience and shared her thoughts on the matter.

Mary’s recent comments about her divorce echo sentiments she previously expressed during an interview with Angie Martinez in February 2022. During that time, Mary was actively promoting her album titled Good Morning Gorgeous, which features the poignant track “Rent Money” delving into her personal journey through divorce.

“‘Rent Money” is [about] when I first got divorced. I had to give up all this alimony, and I didn’t have no more money to give because he had spent it all,” she explained. “So, I had to go, you know, I had to go on tour, and make all the money back to pay the alimony.”

In her “Strength Of A Woman” documentary, Mary’s calling Starshell out and dubbing her “Becky With The Good Hair” who broke up her marriage.

“All these years have come to this, like you didn’t even pick me,” said Mary while in the studio with Ne-Yo. “You picked somebody else. That s*** is humiliating. It hurt real bad. […] “Do you know (bleeped out name) [Starshell]? Mary asked Ne-Yo. Just so we’re clear, do not let her anywhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this s ***. That’s my Becky with the good hair!”

It’s interesting that most women don’t know that they have to choose a man. It’s not the man that chooses HER. The way to choose a man is literally a divine feminine secret. Choosing a male partner as a provider should not be solely about gaining access to his financial resources. It serves a greater purpose of safeguarding oneself from potential gold diggers who may target one’s own wealth. Additionally, embracing this dynamic helps prevent the adoption of masculine energy, which can sometimes repel good men.

If you identify as a Queen or a Goddess, it is only natural for a High Value Man who desires to provide for you to be compatible with your values. Straying from this alignment can result in being financially exploited by your ex-spouse, as seen in cases like Britney Spears, Sherri Shephard, Kenya Moore, Adele, Mary J. Blige, and numerous other women who disregarded the importance of practicing femininity.

Remember, women who embody feminine energy tend to attract men who genuinely care for them, while those who exude masculine energy often attract men who resent them and seek to take advantage.

Don’t be out here like Mary J. Blige having to pay your cheating husband alimony. The man literally got away with cheating and spending Mary’s money on his side chick. Sidenote: The perfect time to level up your femininity is when you’re already rich and making money. Yet, that’s the exact moment women believe they don’t need a man…