I woke up this morning, thinking about love. About how I would love a relationship, but I have too much going on. No matter how conscious I am,  or how positive I may speak and think or even my amazing belief system, one thing I know about love is that not only do you have to be open to it, but you have to make space for it in mind and time. 

When you’re starting a new business most times you simply won’t have the mental space for a relationship, unless that person can help speed the business along.  Which is rare, as most time entrepreneurs end up feeling like they are alone. 

But anyway, I look around at society and how many people aren’t going through an awakening process, they’re not starting a new business, they haven’t recently suffered heartbreak from the loss of a long-term relationship or any of that stuff. 

They are living their every day life, going to work, climbing the corporate ladder, and that’s it. They make no time for love or dating. 

They have no idea how silly or insane it is to go through life without love.  Without love one’s soul simply won’t expand. 

Rather I’m in a relationship or not, I’m great at maintaining love in a relationship and showing people how. I’ve done the research and even used myself as a test subject at times.  Love has a few rules that keeps the flame burning. Most people aren’t aware of the simple rules, let alone the really big one that takes your love to the next level. 

I’ve had my heart broken a few times. But the love I felt or gave when it was present caused soul expansion and a very high degree of consciousness. My willingness to love unconditionally and give in to the power of love, has rewarded me with power, gifts, knowledge and understanding like no other.

One of the reasons I’ve had my heart broken so many times, is because I have this way of loving unconditionally. I love with my soul. I see people’s faults and bad, but I see soooooooo much of their good and see WHO THEY COULD BE, that I often ignored and dismissed their bad parts. 

A guy could do something and my brain says “Awwwe. Forgive him, maybe he just doesn’t know any better. If I show him the way, he’ll get better.”  That certainly proved to not be true time and time again. Then i would be left hurt, heartbroken and disappointed that this magical, loving, non-fairytale, fairytale kind of relationship didn’t manifest the way I envisioned it.  Not because I’m crazy or that fairytales aren’t real, because they are… But because my consciousness is so damn high that I have to attract a man with that same fairytale state of consciousness to make the dream come true. 

You see most people eyeball relationships on the lower end of the totem pole. The ones that are dysfunctional, full of lies, games, deceit, gas-lighting, and not focused on building a legacy together. 

I’ve always eyeballed relationships on the top of the totem pole… The spiritual ones… The Jay Z & Beyonce’s…. The 20-year-married without sidechick stories…. But once again, most others eyeball the “We’ve been together for 50 years, and I had to forgive him cheating on me 99 times, stories.” 

People don’t know what true love is. True love is pure. It’s a white light. It’s surrounded with joy, prosperity, honesty, beauty, God, divine energy, feeling unstoppable and wanting the absolute best for each other, together. 

I won’t settle for anything less than that. But society is free to keep going in circles.

“Loving hard and being broken has expanded my soul in ways only the universe can understand. Therefore I thank the Universe for all of the love I have received and experienced. There was no good or bad… It’s all expansion. ” ~ Kissy Denise