This Is Why You Need to Build a 7-Figure Social Media Brand

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When I first started my 6 Figure blog I remember being on the phone with my millionaire client and telling him that when I got to 6 Figures that I would be happy.  As I sat there helping him add another million dollars to his empire by teaching him to brand on social media, I saw how different his life was from mine.  He owned multiple homes, multiple luxury cars including a Bentley, and when he went to make $20K plus withdrawals from his credit union he had to make an appointment, and it took a while to get the cash.

Meanwhile I just hoped to make 6 Figures to be able to have freedom to pay bills and buy a couple of nice things.  At one point I told him, “I just want to make $2,500 a month in my new business. He would say “Kissy, when you make $2,500 a month you’re only going to want more.” I was adamant about how satisfied I would be. So months later I was making $2,500 a month, and sure enough I wanted more. So I raised the bar and started making $5K a month. Then he told me “Kissy, that’s just the kind of person we are. We’re never going to be satisfied.” I stated that’s impossible. There had to be some point of satisfaction. I decided that point would be $50K a month.  $25K+ a month became my average for years. I even made it to $35K in one month, one time, but somehow I wasn’t able to make to $50K a month.

At $35K a month I was stressed and burnt out as ever, after trying like hell to turn that 6 into 7, and it not happening. Nothing I tried would get me past that income ceiling…  

But when you know like you know, that you’re phucking unstoppable and the problem just has to be missing information, everything will be okay. Perspective changes things. 

Many entrepreneurs  get stuck in the “six-figure hamster wheel,” and it’s a vicious cycle that they are not even aware of. It’s hard to escape, and most people try to overcome it with even more hustle. After all, it was “hustle mode” that got them to six figures, so more will get you to seven figures … right? 😂🤣


Hustling to seven figures is not the answer. 

All that will get you is the same thing it’s been getting you.. And so far, it’s been getting you less time with your kids and barely spending time with your spouse cause you’re too busy working. Not to mention vacations you never take. 

Perspective and a spiritual awakening got me on the path to 7 Figures….

So now when I work with clients who say “Once I get to six figures, I’ll be happy,” I know they won’t believe me if I tell them when they get there, that they will be stressed and burnt out as ever. 

So instead I realign them with what they really want in the first place… To be a millionaire.  

You see to most entrepreneurs becoming a millionaire seems impossible. Their peers and environment usually back up that belief.  They become too afraid to even discuss their dreams with people.

dream so big

I believe every heart-centered entrepreneur needs to build a seven-figure business if they are ever to fulfill their potential and live a life of  true freedom, abundance and happiness.

It’s not about the money!

It’s about the person you are to become.

Most people want to work smarter not harder. They want to do these the easy way.  When the going gets tough, they give up.  When it’s time to take risks they go the other way.  Yet, it’s must more riskier to not live up to your fullest potential.

The only way you will ever live up to your fullest potential is by doing two things.

  1. Becoming the highest version of yourself.
  2. Pursuing Your Purpose 

Every entrepreneur should strive to have a profitable seven-figure business, and no, it’s not about the money. It’s not about the bragging rights. It’s not even about the fame or status. Or the lifestyle that comes with it.

The reason you need a seven-figure business is simple: freedom of expression. 

With freedom, you can truly escape “hustle mode” forever, and you can help all of the people you want to help.

The truth is many heart-centered souls want to help others, but you can’t help others without first helping yourself. You must free yourself from hustle mode. 

Heart-centered entrepreneurs will only help more people when they become rich. So it’s best that riches are in your hands. But to get the riches in your hand, you first have to want it and believe that you can get it. 

Going for millions is definitely hard work, but it will get you off the hamster wheel where every time you scale to a new level, it’s at the expense of your health and sanity. It will also introduce you to the highest version of yourself.  AND you will fall so in love with that version of yourself. You won’t even believe how amazing they are if I told you. But showing my clients the highest version of themselves is what I do best. 

I’m able to see them 5 years from now and align them with that vision, because the vision is giving to me when I go to my silent place to receive divine downloads. 

A seven-figure business gives you the freedom to build a world-class team, invest in yourself (mindset, health, spirituality), regain control of your time (so you have more time to do what you do best) and work “on” your business, rather than get stuck working inside it.

But unless you hire a mentor to give you a shortcut, you will find yourself literally, almost going crazy….

At six figures, you cannot do any of this. I’ve tried it, and I’ve seen plenty of other people try, too. But it doesn’t happen. You can live a happy life at six figures, sure. But a life of true freedom? Nope!

The biggest obstacle between you and a seven-figure business is …


  1. You fear failure
  2. You fear success
  3. You don’t have a strategy

Freedom, for most, is scary. It forces you to tap into your fullest potential and live it, because you no longer have the excuse of hustling, a lack of money or not enough time. So, you ask yourself, Who will I become when I can truly be myself?

I know right.. Calm down… Breathe. You’re going for 7 Figures… This centers around that big word. 

“But, hold on, Kissy,” I hear you say. “What if I don’t know my purpose?”

Lucky for you I have a gift of aligning high performing souls with their purpose.

For most they have to make 7 Figures before they can find their purpose. For my clients they find their purpose and build 7 online business at the same time. 

Once you reach this level, you remove all the excuses standing between you and your true potential, and gain the freedom you need to see your philanthropic efforts come into full fruition. When you have true freedom, you finally understand what you’re most passionate about and what impact you want to make in this world.

Before that, you’re just working to make money, pay bills, live a lifestyle and do a couple of things. 

It’s impossible to truly know yourself when you’re stressing over the day-to-day, caught in “hustle mode.” How are you going to pay your bills? How is your business actually going to work? Is there enough money coming in? Are you charging enough?

With my blog, my purpose was to teach people about crime, and help them avoid bad decisions. It was a good purpose, but I maxed it out. I was headed to make my own crime tv show, but I really didn’t want to, although I could’ve easily become a millionaire from doing it…

Instead I quit my blog and opted to help people achieve the same success that I’ve achieved.  So I hired a millionaire life coach to show me how to do both things. 

This process taught me that it’s impossible to fulfill your potential if you’re consumed by worrying about your basic needs each day. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how talented you may be; you cannot be your best self with that sort of stress. You must elevate to a higher level of understanding and thinking, and the best way to do this is to have a near-limitless level of freedom.

Having a profitable, seven-figure business gives you this!

So, no matter who you are and what impact you wish to have, the key to unlocking your full potential is to scale to seven figures so you can escape the “six-figure hamster wheel,” say goodbye to “hustle mode” and welcome true freedom, true abundance and true success.

That is why I often tell people that I will teach them how to make 6 Figures, but I always give them a 7 Figure mindset and strategy.  Which helps them walk into it with ease, because it’s an “option” that they slowly see is possible.  It’s such a pleasure showing high vibe entrepreneurs how to secure their Dream Life. 

So many things are possible for amazing humans. All they need is for someone to show them the way. 

I also find that the best way for heart-centered entrepreneurs to make 7 Figures is by branding themselves properly on social media and building a business underneath their personal brand, in order to become a leading influencer and build a tribe rapidly.

 Are you ready to go for it?