Kimora Lee Simmons Estranged Husband Photoshopped Divorce Papers To Trick Her Into Marrying Him

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Watching how men play successful women is most fascinating. From The Tinder Swindler, to countless wealthy women who don’t seem to understand the composition of men. 

In today’s story we come to the life of fashion goddess Kimora Lee Simmons.

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Kimora along with her husband Tim Leissner are facing a lawsuit from Kimora’s previous husband, Russell Simmons, who claims that the couple attempted to defraud the energy drink company that they are all investors in— Celsius.

Per People, Simmons accuses Kimora and Leissner of fraudulently transferring his stocks to pay Leissner’s $44 million fine after his guilty plea to criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Simmons requested that Kimora and Leissner “reaffirm” his 50% of Celsius shares, pay money and punitive damages, along with legal fees.

The guilty plea came from Tim Leissner, a former Goldman Sachs banker, being accused of helping Malaysian financier Jho Low steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the 1MDB sovereign development fund.

Kimora estranged husband faked a divorce

On the stand, Tim Leissner admitted hat he “faked” his divorce from his previous wife, Judy Chan Leissner, to marry Simmons.

However, according to his new testimony in the bribery trial of his former colleague Roger Ng, Leissner also confessed to being deceptive in his personal life.

According to the New York Post, Leissner admitted on the stand that he “faked” his divorce from his previous wife Judy Chan Leissner to marry model/entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons.

“I photoshopped the divorce document,” Leissner told the jury, according to Bloomberg. “Did Judy Chan know?” asked prosecutor Drew Rolle. “Yes,” he said. “Did Kimora Lee Simmons know that?” Rolle asked. “No,” Leissner said.

He added that when he and Chan tied the knot in 2000, he was married to another woman, who has not been identified, and submitted fake records to the Hong Kong government to finalize their marriage.


In court Tim, 52, was described as a ‘double bigamist’ who ‘uses women.

He also said that he tried to convince Chan to give him money for a home that he wanted to buy with Simmons, 46. “Judy did not want to make any transfers related to my new family life in Los Angeles,” Leissner told the jury—saying that he lied and told Chan that the money was for Low. “It didn’t work,” with Chan, he said. “I think she did some research on the Internet and found out I was trying to buy this house.”

Judy Chan, is a former analyst at Goldman and the daughter of a coal-mining business owner in China.

Leissner has pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and forfeiting $43.7 million. He and Lee Simmons are currently estranged and share one son, Wolfe Lee Leissner, together.


Tim testified under oath that he pretended for years to be his then-wife, Chinese heiress Judy Chan, TMZ reported. He also admitted sending out fake emails to his future wife, Kimora, when they started their relationship.

KIMORA LEE SIMMONS ESTRANGED HUBBY ADMITS TO POSING AS EX-WIFE & Photoshopping Divorce Papers To  Convince Kimora To Marry Him

Apparently, Tim made a fake email account to act as Chan to swoon Kimora and used it to convince her he was already divorced from Chan.

The emails were presented in court and showed Kimora thought it was Chan because she invited Chan and her kids on multiple family vacations, which Tim, posing as Chan, turned down.

Kimora and Tim got married in 2014. But he has also admitted to the court that he faked divorce documents to marry Kimora while he was still married to Chan, whose family purportedly owns a top winery in China and a coal-mining business.

His bombshell testimony is part of an ongoing embezzlement trial of Tim’s former Goldman Sachs colleague, Roger Ng. Tim has also testified he used the fake email account to pose as his then-wife in conversations with Malaysian financier Jho Low.

Low has been charged with laundering billions of dollars, among other things, in a separate case.

It’s unclear if Kimora found out about Tim’s fake emails before or after he gave his testimony. But her lawyers reportedly insist she and Tim are now estranged.