Kanye West’s billionaire status is a reminder to believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you

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People often ask me what issues do I have as a coach. The only issue I have is DECIDING to take the time to find people to help me in my business.

I already have a billion dollar empire. Some people are going to wish they would’ve helped me. They will be like “Man. I sat there for years and watched her build her empire.”

Especially men. Men have this thing of feeling like they are greater and smarter. Smart has nothing to do with what I do. I am God appointed and God anointed. Me becoming a billionaire is literally the clearest path I’ve ever had in my life.

No man is going to beat me out. My deck is stacked with beauty, brilliance, spirit, gifting, magic, titties, azz, charm, influence, magnetism and power. I am one of the greatest souls to ever enter the earth realm.

Souls like me don’t do this for money. In fact once we get 6-7 Figures is actually when we shockingly figure out some things are missing. I came to change the game. I came to empower you and awaken you.

People be so sleep that they think I’m arrogant. But the woke people know that I am doing nothing more than speaking my truth.

I am a Prophetess. I see my clients future, because I can see my own great future.

Sometimes I say this isn’t about me, but then again it is. This is about my mission to change the world. I can only change the world by first changing myself. Which is what I have done.

This is about to get a bit sad. But I am not seeking sympathy, although when you finally do hear my full life story, it’s going to make you cry. You are going to wonder how I ever made it this far. And I’ll tell you in advance. Through the grace of God and 100% belief in myself. I always knew that I deserved better.

Lately I keep having flashbacks to a time when I was with my abusive boyfriend. We went to Chicago for the summer, and he would leave me in the hotel room by myself, while he did whatever he pleased. Which I am sure was hanging out with some other girls.

The memory keeps faintly coming up of one particular weekend, which was the 4th of July. The hotel room was so tropical and beautiful. That was back in 2009. I keep being reminded with the words “Look how far you made it.” I was so silently depressed and lost at the time. That man didn’t believe in me. He didn’t see my value, despite me being the reason he was able to afford his lifestyle. I helped him build his business from a joke to a 6 Figure respected Brand. His brand became so well known that we BET once gave him a check for $25,000. I of course was there at the meeting, looking fine as wine.

Now I could tell you how this man used to buy me Louis bags, mink coats, put me in a Range Rover and blah, blah, blah. Perhaps I should. Because when you are telling men about your past life of how you’ve been abused, they often don’t realize that you were still with a very charming men who even in his abuse treated me better than the average man would treat a woman he claims to love.

In many ways he spoiled me. But that does no negate the abuse he inflicted upon me and how he altered my life story. I of course can’t blame him. I made my own decisions. Even though I made the best decisions I could at the time with what I had to work with.

What no one tells you is that sometimes you are going to suffer rather you pick the dark or the light. Sometimes it’s still the lesser of two evils or the lesser of two pains. For example, many people foray into life coaching, and because their first coach TRULY doesn’t understand their deeper problems and needs, they go off into pain. The pain of building nearly an impossible business to build. So few life coaches hit the 6 Figure mark. Let alone 7. But somehow I am surrounded by those who do.


Anyway, the moral of the story is, believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you.  Cause some of us really do have the answers that others don’t. And when THEY don’t, they label us crazy and don’t believe in us.  We aren’t crazy. We just know the way…. It’s embedded into our soul.  And just because THEY don’t see us, does not take away our knowledge or VALUE.


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People talk a lot of sh*t about Kanye and his wife Kim too. But here is the thing. 1. Kanye has great belief in himself. He said this was coming. 2. Kanye married a Goddess who helped him manifest. When Kanye first married Kim he said he was the luckiest man alive because she was one of the sweetest, most beautiful women in the world. But look how other men treated her…. Still, that didn’t change her VALUE! 3. I always believed in Kanye. I tell people all the time that my presence is a present, and I got that from Kanye. Laugh at people who don’t believe in you. Let them stay sleep. People aren’t a loss to me. I am a loss to them. I will have the most powerful talk show in the world and I too will be a billionaire. I already am. I am simply putting a team in place to help me manifest what is already mine. People look at you based upon who THEY are. Most people are dope. They just don’t understand that they are not as dope as YOU. Not everyone has it in them to be a billionaire. And only fools don’t recognize one in the making. 💯 People truly need to learn how to HONOR the greats and make friends in high places. You make friends in high places by SEEING them before they get there. 👁 #kanyewest #wisdombykissy #wisdom #kissydenise #themasterpiece #thegoddessofloveandmotivation

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