Jesse Williams’ Child Support Reduced From $40k A Month To $6k; His Ex-Wife Aryn Drake-Lee Is Furious

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Women these days are taking a lot of L’s. Either they are having to pay spousal support, not getting child support or getting their child support lowered.

The latest to take an L is actor Jessie Williams ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee.   Jessie left the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy and then asked the judge to reduce his monthly child support order because he makes considerably less money on his new job.

Jesse claimed that child support  of $40K a month was blowing through all his savings.  His ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee said she needed the $40k to keep up her lifestyle.

It looks like Aryn may have to get a job, because the judge sided with Jesse.

Black Sports Online Reports:

Jesse Williams will be paying his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, a reduced amount for child support.

According to court documents filed on Thursday and obtained by PEOPLE, Williams’ monthly child support payments have been “temporarily modified” to $6,413.

Prior to the filing, the 40-year-old actor — who shares daughter Sadie, 8, and son Maceo, 6, with Drake-Lee — was paying his ex-wife $40,000 in child support each month.

The modification was made after Williams reported “a significant change of income” in documents filed on Dec. 20, 2021, just six months following his May 2021 departure from Grey’s Anatomy. Williams left the hit ABC medical drama after 12 seasons as Dr. Jackson Avery.

Currently, the actor is starring in the Broadway production of Take Me Out, which reportedly pays him $1,668 per week, according to TMZ.

By October 2020, Williams and Drake-Lee had finalized their divorce, with documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time showing that the exes would share joint legal and physical custody of their two children. Williams was also ordered to pay his ex-wife $40,000 in child support every month, as well as over $100,000 in two spousal support payments.

Then, in April 2021, the former couple was ordered by a judge to attend a “high conflict parents” program as they navigate their co-parenting relationship.

Williams has dated a few high-profile ladies since his divorce, but nothing has stuck, maybe because all his money was going to his ex-wife. His ex-wife was eating at Nubu, and Jesse was eating In-n-Out.

Kissy's Thoughts

What’s interesting to me is how women are told to be feminine and depend on a man. If you fear doing so you are said to be broken… In my opinion, it’s silly to have a man paying you $40K a month in child support and you don’t have enough sense to invest that money or start a business stress free.

When a man falls out of love with a woman, he stops paying. While $6K a month may be a lot to some, for her that’s the equivalent of poverty…

Aryan also let herself go, knowing her high value, rich, celebrity man was constantly around young, hot thotties and women seeking their turn in the spotlight.

Now, here is what you may not know, as to why Aryn thought she was safe.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams’ divorce from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, who supported him for years when he was a struggling actor, is because he now “wants to be the hot single guy in Hollywood,” friends say.

Sources told Page Six Drake-Lee — who has worked in real estate and the art world — was his rock and the main breadwinner until Williams scored his big role on “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2009. They’ve been together for 13 years, married in 2012, and have two children.

Williams’ rise in Hollywood is to blame for the actor’s change of heart about his marriage, friends believe. “She poured money into this relationship and sacrificed her life for him, and now he wants to go out and be the hot single Hollywood guy. Jesse wants to . . . do whatever he thinks will make him a bigger star. He’s drinking his own Kool-Aid and it’s ‘the Jesse show.’ He’s dead f - - king wrong. He did not respect those vows. He wants to be single,” a source told Page 6.

I’ve been aware of these things happening to boss chicks, and I advise them to stop building men up. They tend to leave you for a younger, hotter, more feminine version of you. I even created a video about it

So, let me repeat today’s lessons: 

1. Start your own business – Never solely depend on a man. A provider man is a blessing. Bless yourself by INVESTING the money.

2. Keep yourself up. Your looks need to be competitive.  Lebron James wife Savannah is an example of a woman who gets it. Sis comes out the house slaying.   Men want to be proud of the woman on their arms. They are visual creatures.  They really don’t love our beautiful souls, the way we would want them to.

I am sure there will be some ladies in the comments, screaming about how wrong I am for writing this truth. Don’t EVER listen to them.  Always listen to people who tell you the truth. As this world isn’t always as pretty as you would like it to be. And men oftentimes don’t love and have the same kind of loyalty that women do. Men do what’s best for THEM.