Jada Pinkett Says She’s Not Really Married To Will Smith Anymore They Are Just Business Partners

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The way the internet is all up in Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage is quite interesting.  Many believe the couple is headed for divorce. But according to Jada, she and Will Smith are in a lifetime partnership.


Jada Pinkett’s marriage with Will Smith is gradually hitting the rocks and I wouldn’t be surprised to see headlines of their divorce following the Oscars slap brouhaha in the coming months.

In 2019, Jada Pinkett along with Willow Smith and Gammy visited the Curry family in North Carolina for the show and during their interaction, Jada let everyone know that she’s now in “partnership” with her husband Will Smith. The couple now refer to their marriage as “partnership” via Essentially Sports;

They talked to Ayesha Curry, Sydel Curry-Lee, Sonya Curry, and Callie Rivers. Ayesha Curry is an entrepreneur and chef who is married to basketball superstar Stephen Curry. Sydel Curry-Lee is Stephen and Seth Curry’s sister. Sonya Curry is their mother and was married to NBA veteran Dell Curry. Callie Rivers is engaged to Seth Curry and is also the sister of NBA star Austin Rivers.

When they started talking, Sonya Curry shared that she has been married to Dell Curry for 30 years at the time. And Jada said, “Did you know I am on 21?” with a hand on her face. Then Sonya said, “You can make it. It’s possible.” And everyone broke out laughing.

Then Jada said, “Yeah, you know, I mean, our partnership. We don’t really call it a marriage anymore, we call it a partnership. We are life and business partners, we are in a different stage of our union. I know that unions go through many stages.”

On Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s partnership, here is what you need to know;

Will Smith met Jada on the set of Smith’s television show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ in 1994. Jada auditioned for the role of Will’s girlfriend, but she didn’t land it. Later, Will and Jada started dating. Jada and Will Smith married on December 31, 1997, while she was 3 months pregnant. Their son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith was born in 1998 and daughter Willow Camille Reign Smith was born in 2000.

In April 2013, Jada reportedly said in an interview that she had always said that Will can do whatever he wants because he is his own man. This made everyone believe that Will Smith and Jada were in an open relationship. But she immediately denied such claims and said that she was not referring to an open marriage with her comments.

But all hell broke loose in June 2020 when rapper and singer August Alsina said that he and Jada had been involved in an affair in 2016 when he was 23 and Jada was 44. He was also a friend of Will’s son Jaden. To make things worse, he also claimed that they had Will’s permission for the affair. A spokesperson of Jada denied Alsina’s claims.

Then in July, Jada hosted her husband Will Smith in the Red Table Talk, where she confirmed her affair with Alsina when they were separated. But she maintained that didn’t happen with Will’s permission. Then in 2021, Will Smith took a U-turn and stated that Jada didn’t believe in a conventional marriage. And admitted that he and Jada have had sexual relationships outside their marriage.

Ironically not too long after this Sonya Curry would file for divorce from Dell, so you can blame Jada for that too.

Something I recently learned about relationships is that it’s best to commit to the relationship and not to the person.  Is that how so many people have a long-lasting marriage?