If you want to date a Boss Chick please show up as an Alpha King

by | Love & Relationships

There are some good men out here and they simply try to get in where they fit in.  That’s not the way to go.  

Women are looking for a HUSBAND, BOYFRIEND or something with some sort of permanence to it.  They are also looking to take their business to the next level. Doesn’t matter whether she’s making 6 figures or 7 Figures. She’s ambitious and wants the next level. But she also wants to balance out her life and call in her King. 

So therefore, as a man, when you walk into her life, you need to state your case. Friend, Foe, Phuck, Business or Romance. 

When you come at a woman for BUSINESS, state that and handle that. Maybe you’ll get a bonus. Maybe you won’t. That depends on how good you are in business. Don’t sell her a lie that you can’t live up to.

When you come at her because you want to date her, STATE THAT. Stop switching it up, if you want to win. If you want to be with her and build a partnership with her, because you like her body, spirit, heart and business mind, then it’s a must that you step 2 times harder than the rest. Alpha King report to duty. It’s a must that you be the best of the best, and get to work in ALL areas at the same damn time. 👑 (Watch how magically her energy softens and changes for you.)

When you’re looking at a woman for the sake of money, you’re being feminine, and throwing out confusing signals. A feminine woman doesn’t know how to respond to you. Cause you keep switching directions, trying to be on some Bonnie & Clyde ish.  If that’s the case, state your long term intentions with her, and get to work on her BUSINESS. Free up her mind a little, get her to some point of progress.  Then take her out on a date. Now you have successfully mixed business and pleasure and impressed her by being a man she’s never rarely seen before.  A man of his word is everything. If business is apart of the relationship, then show her how you handle it. 

There is no point of telling her you want friendship, when you really want to sleep with her. It’s better to state your wants and act accordingly. Or state your offer. This is all really simple. She wants you to BE A MAN. Men direct and LEAD, women follow. Smart women love to have a man whose lead she can trust.  Therefore, if you desire to be in a relationship with a woman, if you tell her,  at least she knows.

If you state your intentions, then she knows which version of you to give her. Only then will you know if it’s compatible for business or relationships. Otherwise your confusion will cause her confusion. That’s how a lot of men end up in the friend, and even if she sleeps with you, she’s still not phucking with you like that, zone. Whole women do as they please. Not as society pleases them to do. A woman’s mind is already programmed as to what a King is going to do. You either show up as him, or that part of her will be denied to you. Meanwhile the alpha men who came at her proper, will get that version of her, for them. But you’ll blame her, when it was YOU the whole time.

P.S. When you meet a woman who runs a profitable business and you want to date her, it’s best that you make HER business YOUR business. 🤣 Otherwise her mind might not have much freetime for you. Other times she’s so business obsessed you may have to teach her HOW to have time for you. In other cases, she’s ready ready. You just have to know who you’re talking to. Just know that money turns her on more than anything. She LOVES money, and will probably love you just as much if you help her make some money. 

P.P.S. Those GORGEOUS boss chicks, are not as easy to slide in and get as you thought it would be. Remember she likes bosses who do big things. AKA an ALPHA KING. How are you showing up? How are you living? Is it in alignment with your soul’s truth? WHAT are you doing for her? Are her male friends going to easily be able to outdo you, because you’re only showing up as a Prince; when she’s looking for a King who does big things. 

If you’re showing up half cocked, there’s a very high chance that you think you’re in control, but she looks at you like a clown, and you often cause her to frown at you. If she frowns at you, then she has to frown at herself for dealing with you. So then, she has to get rid of you. Bye Bye.

Don’t play with brainiac boss chicks. Sis is not for play play. Even if by some miracle, you just so happen to be smarter than her, it’s still a wise idea to be what she wants and give her what she wants. Which means as always show up with your wallet open and your heart open too.   Serve the Queen. That’s the way this goes. Boss chicks mean serious business, just like you mean serious business. You simply approach it with different energy and have different needs. Together you excel and become elite.