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Inside of every man is a clown, a prince and a King. Some men present themselves as Kings, and you should talk to him as such. Other men don’t present themselves as such, and a good woman will call herself speaking to the King in him.   This doesn’t always go so well.

Never tell a man that he is a King if he doesn’t do these 3 things:

1. Pays your bills.

2. Treats You Like a Queen.

3. Hates to see you cry, and wants to make things better for you.

When you call yourself speaking life into a man, hoping it will cause him to treat you like a Queen and value you, it will only backfire and make him feel like he’s something he’s actually not. So his effort will wane.  This does not change if he’s sort of conscious and not truly spiritually developed.

Some men also don’t value you and all you do for him from your divine feminine presence, so he will tell you that you speaking life into him does nothing for him.   He’s basically saying he doesn’t need you, nor does he FEEL you. Meanwhile you will literally watch how your presence and words alone causes a shift in his self-esteem and confidence, which brings abundance and blessings into his life. 

The man for you will feel he can’t live without you. He wants to keep you close. He wants to marry you and have you all to himself.  He will literally look at you and say that you are a breath of fresh air.  Your divine presence changes the way he breathes. 

But when you as a woman practices PICK ME behavior, you don’t get the man who wants you. You get the man you want, and chances are it doesn’t work out.  It’s hard to keep a man who doesn’t value you. 

You can’t force a man to value you, nor can you force a man to change for you.  He has to desire to these things all on his own. You are simply the muse for the change.