As I sit here thinking about how amazing my clients are, and how I call in soulmate clients with ease and grace.  Had millionaire soulmate clients even before I became a millionaire myself, surrounded by abundant, divine Kings who pour immense amounts of love and support into me, and how my life coaching business is booming after just one year, it hit me.


I created my entire life through love and always have.  At any given point it’s either love for myself, love for the finer things in life, love of money, love of freedom, love of purpose, love for my fans, love for my followers, in love with a man, in love with the plan, love for God, love to see other people happy and living their best life, and because I simply love love. 

I operate in love. I am love. Suddenly it’s clear why God appointed me The Goddess of Love & Motivation. I take all of my love and use it to motivating others. I’m an alchemist. I transform everything I touch with love. Love is always vibrating in my heart.

In fact when I’m not love, my life falls apart. Love is all my soul knows. It’s broken when it doesn’t feel love. My soul can’t function when it focuses on anything other than love. 

I think I like being love. It birthed my greatest purpose. I even wrote a book for my followers I love, so that they may find love.