Don’t get too happy, just because you got her phone number

by | Love & Relationships

As a man, don’t get too happy if you inbox or call her and get her attention. You can get it for 2 seconds, 2 months or maybe even 2 years. You should be more focused on KEEPING it. That’s the Key. 🔑

You may get her attention. You may even get her time. You may even get her body.

You may even get a part of her heart. You may even have a piece of her mind going crazy, for a little while…

But can you keep her soul intertwined with yours? Cause that’s what Soul Kings do.


You see you can’t come on some basic stuff. There’s levels to this. Basic love will never be enough. She didn’t come for that. She’s playing chess, not checkers.

It’s about expansion. Expanding your mind. Thinking ahead, planning, making moves, being real intentional, going deep into her spirit, unraveling consciousness, replacing subconscious, seeing the cosmos.

Bring it back. That didn’t happen. You lost before you started. So lets try this again.

So first you lose if you’re on the wrong board.

She doesn’t like squares. She hates lames. She’ll send them away, cause they don’t know how to play.

Second, you gotta know the rules and regulations.

When the Queen says move, everything moves.

Yet she moves where YOU tell her to. She’s under your direction. The only way to keep the Queen is to bow down, yet still stand tall.

There’s an art to that. It’s real some seductive implementation.

The Queen: She’s the most powerful piece on the board. The whole game is being played because of her.

But you don’t gotta listen to me. Keep listening to your men friends and hanging out with them, while ya’ll look and wonder why the next man is happy over there with HER. P.S. Don’t forget this game is timed and there’s only ONE spot. All games are timed, including the game of life. In every game, you gotta PRESS the play, full court…

The clock is always ticking.

Ain’t nobody got time for your slow ways. Nobody likes molasses. Chess isn’t a game that is played forever. The WIN is forever. She’ll only bow to forever.

That’s divine. Nothing else makes sense to her. #KeysByKissy 🔑

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