A lot of you women need to dump your man, cause he treats you like sh*t. You can’t EVER be Queen like that. And the truth is a real KING, would never treat you like that.

But you listen to dysfunctional family and friends telling you to work it out. What about working out your soulpact and remembering that time you agreed to come here to experience love of the highest extent, and to accept nothing less than it.

Or you could just keep listening to your family and friends and come back in the next lifetime still trying to heal that same b.s. azz relationship.

Sis you need to get tired of tired azz n*ggas already. Other chicks in other realms are living a whole different story. Their story is a husband who loves and adores them.

Whoever told you that it couldn’t be you, lied to you Sis. You can have it all too. Take your power back. Take your love away from him. He doesn’t deserve you Sis. Being his maid, his slut, or his down azz chick won’t change that. That man is going to make you sick if you don’t leave him alone. How much more pain do you need to feel? It’s time to heal.

That man is a drain to your whole soul. You can’t get anything done. For worrying about HIM. What he do now? He violates you simply by not loving you. 

You’ve been waiting on a message or a sign. This is it. You think spirit guides told you to be with him. They ain’t true. They been showing you the b.s. he do. You just choose to ignore it. Any man who doesn’t bow to you and treat you like a Queen isn’t for you. That n*gga is just a greatness agitator to get you to walk into your purpose.

Claim sovereignty Sis. Phuck all that b.s. these people be talking about. Rise! Ashes to Ashes, dust to dusty. Tell that dusty dude goodbye. He’s wasting your time, holding you back. Straighten up your crown. Phuck any man who doesn’t treat you right.