How to Write Your BEST LIFE, GET PAID, Change Lives & Stop Giving AF about what PEOPLE think of YOU!

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Oh Baby! This journey of truly using my gifts to LIVE my best life and not just live life, was quite a challenge. But lucky for you, I figured it all out, so you can skip the hard parts and go straight for the win.
Here is what I know about YOU.
You desire to TRULY be your unique, most authentic self. 
You’re often misunderstood
You’re an introverted ambivert
You love to write. In fact you write VERY long posts on the internet
You’re a genius
You help a lot of people with their problems, and wish to help more people 
You don’t want to go live, post a million times a day on social media, beg people to support your business and all of that uncool stuff. 
Here is what else I know about you
You are CALLED to change the world
You are outspoken, no shucks given, say it like it is type of person
You have the biggest heart in the world and love helping others
You have a desire to be a Millionaire or a Billionaire
You’re already highly successful
Here are the problems you’re experiencing in life.
You constantly invest in yourself, yet you’re still stuck
You have a million and one gifts and don’t know where to start
You desire a blueprint to create a system to bring in consistent income and live a luxury lifestyle
You want to spend the rest of your life with your dream mate taking over the world like Pinky & The Brain
You procrastinate a lot
You suffer from procrastination, you have shiny object syndrome, you know you are a leader, but yet you’ve been taking it alot of content with no results. 
Here is what you’re going to do when you get rich
Take care of your parents
Send family members off to college
travel the world
Donate To charity
Relax on The Beach & Work From Your Laptop
Have amazing investment accounts
Buy some property 
Write a Book
Well here is the thing. You can do those things now. You are freaking awesome! 
You either don’t see a clear plan or you already have a clear billion dollar, soul aligned plan
Do you want to write and build a multi-6 Figure or 7 Figure Lifestyle?
See how I took away the 6 Figures? That’s because baby you need CLARITY and to DECIDE your truth RIGHT NOW. That truth is you want to make 7 Figures not 6 Figures. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you started to deciding to receive the FULL of what God has for you. 
In the past, perhaps your vision was too limited. Only you know what God has placed inside of you to birth. It’s not for anyone else to tell you what that is. However, I can and will help you get there, because I already know you. 

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE. 

For years, you’ve been holding onto hope that one day you would finally become that wealthy, famous person. You’ve dreamed of the impact you would have with your influence.  You dreamed you would become that person somewhere in the future. 
Well baby, your prayers have been answered.


I spent months trying to figure out how to help others. Created programs that got great results for people, but STILL I wanted more. (Seriously, I have the most beautiful life coaching reviews on the planet.)
So I kept tweaking my system more and more, until I got it just right to MY liking. It was around this time, that I realized there was a better way to get to where I already am. A faster way. 
I wanted to build a system where anyone who owns a business serving souls could implement and become highly successful. 
Then I decided to tweak it to serve high performing writers.
Baby! That felt good. Like a breathe of fresh air.  I finally felt like I was home.  I AM HOME. Now it’s your time to come home.
A great part of your success comes from being your authentic self, and doing what your soul is truly put on this earth to do. You must be passionate and breathe life into your writing creations.
But, it’s hard to express yourself in this world and be correctly aligned with your soul path, when the world doesn’t understand you., and maybe you don’t understand YOU, and how to get what you want. 
God’s purpose for your life is for YOU to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. 
So you can stop trying to figure that out and concentrate on what I am saying to you. 

Sometimes even the people who love you the most, don’t understand you. (Don’t blame them) People don’t understand the path you are called to write. 

You are here to WRITE your best life!

Many won’t understand the message you are called to preach or deliver. I am going to help you zoom in on your niche, even in people told you not to niche. You are multi-gifted and definitely need to niche down.
Writing your posts with your true feelings on social media platforms like Facebook, sharing your blogs, writing books, promoting your courses, or delivering the message the best way you see fit, can sometimes lead to personal attacks. People attack you, because they don’t understand you and think THEIR way is right.

You’ve been there, done that, and are tired of that. 
People suggest you copy someone else cause they have a preference for that person over you.   I have 500,000 followers who love me and follow me faithfully. I did it by being MYSELF.  
Obviously I know what I am doing when it comes to connecting to my soul tribe and generally connection to people in general. But while you lay low-key, dimming your light, hiding, getting ready to be ready, and afraid to shine,  people are focused on the people with LIKES & ENGAGEMENT.

I will show you how to be that person, without worrying about likes and engagements. Working with me will grow you a large audience. 
 My tribe engages more than most tribes of people with millions of followers.  WHY? Because my method attracts a soul aligned tribe who loves your vibe. You’ll make more money by not focusing on likes and engagement. 
Now that you know this, stop peddling yourgifts for free. FREE is not respected. PAYMENT is. Payment is also required by spiritual law in order to receive transformation.  All transactions must have equal or greater energetic value.
Stop trying figure out your writing business on your own. Get help, support and a shortcut. You deserve it. You have a deep need to be aligned to your souls calling, I am about to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, to change your life.
Work with me and actually get the life coaching you need to monetize your writing and build a successful 6-7 figure business, that FEELS GOOD to YOUR SOUL, places you in alignment with God’s purpose for your life and gives you the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

I take pride in giving my clients freedom. I don’t keep them dependent upon me.  Even though I am very good at coaching, I decided it was time to limit people’s access to me and focus more on my WRITING. 

Right now you have an opportunity to learn an advanced system to manifest your best life. Click This Link to experience the opportunity to closely work with me to build a powerful brand that will be around forever.
You’ll finally get the healing, freedom, purpose, passion and financial freedom that they desire. No more going all over the place.
Working with me there is a a guaranteed of freedom, clarity and confidence.  
You will receive, understanding and acceptance of who you truly are, and a soul aligned strategy to monetize it. You will receive a strategy to LIVE the life of your dreams and fulfill your purpose TODAY. Why wait till tomorrow to be blessed with health, wealth, success and love beyond your greatest imagination. 
What would it feel like if you fully embraced and explore the world, while feeling safe, sexy, sensual, loved, full of joy and supported.
The magic of divine transformation comes from working with me and being in my sacred writing vortex.
Would you to walk around with UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE?
The world is yours once you know exactly how to take control of your life and get the things you want.
Remember God has plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. ~ Jeremiah 29:11 
You will see the true beauty of changing lives, only in a YOUNIQUE way suited for you, on top of my strategy.  You will have a monetized system to use your gifts to lead, influence, change and IMPACT the world.
The funny thing about my clients, is the magic keeps working on them because I’ve teach you how to be magnetic, vibrate on the frequency of love, operate from flow, and attract everything you want to you. The Laws of Attraction are deeply embedded into my courses, for rapid manifestation.
That is my gift to you. But only if you take the next step and book a free strategy call with me.
If you know you are ready, ready, and this message resonates with you, simply CLICK HERE TO INBOX ME ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER and say “Hi Kissy.  I am ready to dive in!” That’s how bosses roll.
I close a lot of sales through messenger. Often my clients don’t need to talk. They are ready to WORK! Soulmate clients know I am the one to help them. It’s energetic alignment.
Build a successful business using your WRITING gift.

You do write, right?

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Oh. Before I forget. Don’t forget to SELL your book and share it with people. You never know who it may touch.

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