If you want to meet your true Soulmate you can not have one foot in a relationship and one foot out. That sends confusing signals out to the Universe. So the person you attract may or may not be your true soulmate. They will have some of the things you need, but not all.

Either leave and attract your true soulmate, or go all in and see if it works. Soulmates can also be spiritual life coaches. Because my energy centers are open, clients tend to feel brighter and smarter after talking to me. I transfer my energy to them through the eternalness of love in my heart. It’s why not many can do what I do. I do INTERNAL WORK.

You will not meet your romantic soulmate until you’re willing to GO ALL IN. For men it’s the reason you have yet to meet your MUSE. Your muse will make you feel spiritually more awakened. She opens and activates circuits inside of you that complete your energy center and flow to the sexual center. The muse allows you to connect to your creativity. This makes you fall in love. When you open up and allow someone to activate the circuits of your heart. it connects the 7 energy centers. When a man finds someone who activates his heart to the point where he falls in love and wants to share his life with her, has met his soulmate. She activates the circuits in his heart and the eternalness of the heart. She makes him want to love her forever. The perfect relationship is someone who stimulates a better feeling and experience within you. In their presence you become a better person.

For most people there is a block stopping you from going all in. That’s what I remove.

If you want to make contact with your actual soulmate before you actually meet them, you have to place those desires into a certain feeling space. Do the soul work. However do not put preconceived ideas into that space of what they are and what they look like. A soulmate is a soul bond, it has nothing to do with outside conditions or appearance. You will meet and connect by divine order. You will be able to finish one another’s sentences.

But to meet your soulmate you must increase your soul energy to meet in a unique field where your soulmate already exists. Rather you are aware of your soul desires and feelings is irrelevant. You’re already bonded with your soulmate on that level. The goal is to become aware of yourself on that level, so that you can broadcast your soul into the consciousness field where your soulmate is located, and that will speed up the process of finding your soulmate on the physical plane so that you can have a relationship on day to day basis.

As you can see, soulmate relationships are for those in the light, who are willing to do the work to heal and increase their consciousness.