I don’t actually call anyone TOXIC in my life.  I have a deep understanding that what you see in others tends to be a reflection of something you see in yourself.

So, here is THE TRUTH:

self accountability in relationships

You’re not disappointed in him. You’re disappointed in yourself, because you keep believing in him, while he disappoints you time and time again.

That man has never showed up for you Sis. All he ever did was do 1 THING that got you to like him. He never went past that mark. He’s been dangling a carrot in your face, leading you on and you’ve been accepting it. 

Then each time you know you need to cut him off, you complain, and he tells you not to complain about him.  You can’t get through to him, but he says it’s all you, and IT IS. 

So you breathe, reset, and put on your positive mindset again…. and once again, focus on the good in him, just to be disappointed again; while he tells you how you’re not good enough, and that YOU need to be a better woman. 

He tells you that you need to work harder. He pushes the slave ship….  Not to mention there is WAY more of you, standing in line, waiting to be his  peace; telling him how good of a man he is, although he’s actually not being a good MAN to anyone.

There’s lots of  PICK ME and EFFORT girls like you in the world, who keep 50/50 men sitting on a pedestal, using up women, until his dream woman finally shows up.

The insanity of it all, of how YOU unconsciously have tried to get this man to value you. 

You Can’t Force A Man To Value You is deeper than just a book title.  Which is why you have to read the book. 

So many women think that by being patient, being a good woman, being kind, saying kind words, buying gifts, cooking, doing laundry, keeping the house clean, encouraging a man, and speaking life into him, will someday magically cause a man to wake up and value her. 

It truly doesn’t go like that.  A man simply values what he values. He values what he loves. 

When a man first approaches you, he values you.  That value is going to increase or decrease, depending on how you ALLOW him to treat you and how much YOU VALUE YOURSELF. 

Have sex with a man who is not paying your bills, and Sis you are dooming yourself, 97% of the time.  You have just set up the framework for the relationship to be a waste of BOTH of your time.  Yes, he is going to pressure you into sex. That doesn’t mean you should give it to him. 

Now he’s like “What else do you have to offer? You don’t do anything for me. Other women love having sex with me too.”

He now takes a lot of pride in draining ALL OF YOU, for your energy, and telling his friends how ALL OF YOU suck, and how NONE OF YOU are good enough. NONE of his friends are going to direct traffic back to him, to help him see his part in the equation. 

And at the end of it all, you know what he’s going to tell you. 

The infamous words of the traumatized, wounded, immature man:  “You don’t even know me. I don’t owe you anything.” 

And we can blame men all day for this. But Sis, YOU are the one to blame. 

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This is Part 1 of a 5 part Series called “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You.

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