Find Your Happy Place To Get in Alignment With Your Soul

by | The Journey

I don’t know if this blog is for me or other people… I’m just writing in flow.

Last week I had the most wonderful vacation.  Mexico was nice, but Miami is sometimes like my perfect flow that can be reached in under 6 hours. Anywhere else requires a 20 hour flight. MIA is a reminder of where I come from with a reminder of where I’m going. The environment is a perfect mix for me. Miami is a place that reminds me of Dream Life.  The ocean, with clear blue water is something I imagined as a child living in the projects. For kids like me, something as simple as that was a fantasy. Many people I grew up with probably never left the city before.  I didn’t get on an airplane for the first time until after I’d turned 21.  I didn’t grow up with the luxuries and norms other people had.  It was also nice to be treated like a Queen. Being around men who make sh*t happen is therapeutic for me. I find it amazing that I attract so many men who are willing to happily cater to me, yet other women simply settle for a men who don’t adore them.  I’m much happier around men who appreciate my presence and honor me. 

After my trip I was also forced to come to clarity about people and my direction in life. My friend reminded me that maybe I’d been playing it a little too safe, and that you’ll never get what you want by playing it safe. Many of us try to play it safe, even in love. People move slow, the put up walls, all as a way to protect their heart and avoid pain. It doesn’t work. Love is always a risk. Even more that’s what flow is all about. Learning to be in alignment and go with the flow. You see safety is also a way your fears keep you small. It keeps you from playing big. Safety gives you predictable results. But all of the fun and the shift is in the unpredictable. 

That’s how God works. He may give you a huge vision like he’s given to many. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to tell you the whole, entire plan. The plan reveals itself as you walk. Some things are going to happen that will absolutely shock you in a good way.  The unpredictable is how God surprises you.

Like this morning. I woke up to a HUGE shift. I can already see miracles playing out in my life. I’m so excited I could jump up and down on the bed.  It’s the same thing that happens to my clients after my infamous 1 Hour Soul Alignment, Rapid Transformation session.

These shifts are available for everyone, but it also takes being able to download source codes from the Universe. I’m pretty good for downloading codes for myself and my clients.  However healers like me are simply a shortcut.

Here are a few tips to bring miraculous alignment shifts into your life, on your own.

  1. Live in your truth of what you want. Never deny the desires of your soul. You want what you want for a reason.
  2. Don’t play is safe. Safety is for suckers. Jumping out of airplanes and cliffs is for the brave and the bold. You gotta listen to your heart, go all in and see where it leads you. Besides that’s how this works. You gotta walk by FAITH.
  3. Don’t waste time being upset. Always return to your happy place as fast as possible. 
  4. Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent. If you are going through something always remember that this too shall pass. For every problem there is a solution. Stick to God and the solution will come.