I don’t think a lot of women understand what it means to have a man who honors you.

A man who honors you would never leave you high and dry. He doesn’t ignore you or look for fault in you. He finds you adorable and loves you just the way you are. You’re not perfect, but trust me he’ll find create ways to grow you when he really wants to be with you. 

I was just reading a post about a woman whose husband left her, because she got pregnant against his wishes, and he wanted to travel with her before fully settling down.  He told her to get an abortion and she said no, so he left her with all of the bills.

“An old friend reached out to me and told me
Her husband of 3 years filed for divorce and
Left her because her birth control failed and
She ended up pregnant. He told her to have an
Abortion because he still wanted to travel & have
Fun and wasn’t ready to settle down yet.
She refused of course so he left her with a
Mortgage she couldn’t afford on her own & bills.
She is about to lose everything, house, car, etc.”

The SINLE girl who told the story was explaining how her married friend was going through the same thing as her.   That makes no sense for a married woman to struggle like a single woman.

Getting married doesn’t mean you have a good man. Anyone can get married.  So many women make marriage the end all and be all, and I get it, cause I want to get married too. But no, I’m not desperate and I won’t just marry any ole man just to say I’m married. It’s only worth it to me if there is going to be an expansion of my soul by experiencing the deepest love.  I’m okay with being single until I find that.

Marriage isn’t about the wedding day or the idea of marriage. It’s about the commitment of growth together, supporting one another, loving one another, working through problems, taking the journey of life together, the trinity with God, and creating an unbreakable bond.

Many women forego a great deal of their own wants, needs and desires, only to be replaced by what the man desires. But it doesn’t work if you both aren’t happy. A man has to want to feed into you and love you, just as much as you want to love him and cater to him.

You’re going to be in the kitchen cooking, birthing & raising babies, your brain is brilliant, and you’re a boss, so you already know you’re going to help his business prosper. You’re going to be a freak in the bedroom and doing all types of things to please him. You’re going to nurture him, support him and see him through it all. But what is HE going to do for you?

Women simply don’t have enough faith. You settle too fast. If he doesn’t treat you like a Queen before he marries you, that doesn’t automatically change during the marriage. You have to be so important to a man that he would do damn there anything not to lose you. You can’t marry a man who thinks it’s all about him. Good men know that his woman must be happy because she is the center of his universe. That’s just how powerful a woman is and that’s just how much power she has over a man’s heart.

When a man is in love with you, you are his kryptonite. He looks at you with so much love in his eyes. You can literally see it. Women must stop ignoring early signs of him not being fully into you.

You know what else? You don’t have to go into a cave of isolation to heal yourself. You don’t have to wait till you feel you’re perfect. The right man will heal you and make you grateful it didn’t work out with former men. Not only will his sex heal you, but his love, the things he does for you and how he treats you will heal you. But he’ll only do that for a woman he truly loves.

Men aren’t necessarily different from women in the aspect that many of them also don’t know what they want, nor do most know what real love is. People don’t know what real love is because they’ve never felt it. When a man isn’t in love it’s so easy for him to let go of you.  He’s able to be logic over emotions.  Light & Love will also tell you not to love people too much.  The world is taught to not get too deeply caught up into anyone. 

Women are so in a rush to get married that they are taking vows with  men you’re not even compatible with as far as values and goals. You will look past his weight, his balding hair, his teeth, his height, his lack of intelligence, his bummy clothes, his big belly, his lack of purpose, his limited income, his cheating infractions and ALL of his other faults, in hopes of finally getting a good relationship. But the minute you simply SAY or do something he doesn’t like, he’s quick to cut you short. What happened to the vows of till death do us apart? Those are merely words to most people. 

WHY would a man cut his woman short for the slightest infraction? Because you didn’t put yourself first, so why should he? You put him first so he picked him. He didn’t pick WE, or Us, or You. Just himself and what makes him happy. The crazy thing about women is that the same man in this story could’ve walked in confessing to a sidebaby and the woman would’ve stayed and probably accepted the kid too.  Because she values him and their relationship.

A woman should never get into a full on relationship with a man who doesn’t value you. You’ll only break your own heart. I listen closely to see how much a man values me.  At this point my heart won’t even fully connect to a man who doesn’t fully value me. But that’s only after years of lessons from multiple relationships gone wrong. 

There are many good men out here. I get inboxes all day from men who simply want to do something for me, and I’m not even having sex.

Most times I haven’t even met the man in person.  It’s always been this way. I’ve always had Queen energy and attract men who adore me. 

A man is supposed to feel like his woman lights up his soul. He’s supposed to find ways he can feed into her. THAT is what ultimately makes a woman submit to a man. Good men make a woman feel safe enough to do so.  You can walk around being super feminine and submitted to source, but deep down in your soul, a smart woman simply isn’t going to submit to a man who doesn’t fully love you.

Regardless once a woman gets heavily invested in a relationship that’s not paying her Queen dividends, she’s now of do now embarrassed that she’s in a relationship that she feels she can’t walk away from. Because you’ve fully invested in him without noticing he wasn’t fully invested in you. More time wasted. When you could’ve just chilled and called in a divine King. Many men are Kings, but divine Kings love their woman. They’d go to war for her.

Do you feel you’re worth going to war over?

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