Picky people shouldn’t take advice from those in basic azz relationships

by | Love & Relationships

When you attempt to explain your relationship desires to most people, they are simply going to say “Perhaps you should settle.”

They won’t come out and say those exact words, but chances are their instructions will direct you on how to settle, by desiring LESS. They believe your soul will be happy with less. 

Then you listen, cause what they say seems to be good info, and it may even be good info. It’s just not good info for you.

You see the majority of people came here to settle. They settled for the first mate who said YES to them, or whoever was in agreement with wanting to be with them. They don’t necessarily have a dream mate.

But you’re different. Nothing less than the best will do for you. Every time you try to settle, even a little, what happens? That sh*t doesn’t work! And it’s not going to work. It’s not meant to. It won’t work until you get what you want. So, instead of secretly hating on yourself and wishing you were different, claim your holy, divine power. There is nothing wrong with you.

The truth of it all, is that your soul is filled with light and opulence, while your heart is filled with gold. Surely you are deserving of the same love, you’re so willing to give. Everyone can’t give you that same love, because it’s not in them to give.  Most people pour from a cup half filled. You are pouring from a cup that is already overflowing with abundance, love and greatness. You have it all. Plus you’re cute.

The love you seek can only be found in THE ONE. You’ve been getting closer and closer with each relationship. This time you’re going to get it. WHY IS THAT KISS? Because this time you are not going to settle for less. You’re not going to listen to anyone who tells you to. Instead you’ll only listen to the people who tell you HOW TO. You’ll listen to the people who think you deserve to have the best.

If you want the best, you gotta continue being the best and continue standing your ground in full expectation that your divine King or Queen will come.  Just think about it. Is it really that hard for someone to match you, if they are really putting in effort? Nope. Not at all. No more than it’s hard for you to be such an expansion of love. EFFORT is the easiest tool each human being has available to them at any given time. Why should you take pity on souls who barely try?  

You wouldn’t expect anyone to appreciate your half-hearted effort, which is why you go hard. You wouldn’t even expect anyone to care much if you don’t care much either.  You know how this goes. Your divine mate knows how it goes to. 

People who put in effort are simply more attractive and rise to the top. The rest stay at the bottom or get stuck in the land of mediocrity. Don’t ever get it twisted about who you are and what you came here for. 

P.S. What you want is seeking you. It could be near, it could be far away, it could be right before your eyes and a block is preventing you from seeing it.  Just know that amazing mate you want, wants you too.