I was meditating this morning, and suddenly I jumped like OMG, I am over here napping. I wasn’t napping. I was in a deep meditation.

During the meditation God showed me one of my past lives. A particular person I talk to right now is apart of that past life.

I realize that I’ve been here on earth before. I am aware that I’ve lived several lifetimes. My clients call me brilliant, genius and say that my mind is like a computer. They all say “If you need an answer about anything, ASK KISSY.”

ASK KISSY was also the name of my first website… I deleted the site though when I had my spiritual awakening.

Anyways, much of my knowledge is DIVINE. Like when it comes to LOVE. I understand love deeper than the average human ever will. After all, I’ve had several lifetimes to try different methods. I value love, because of this.

And because I meet other divine souls who value love, I also know I am not the only soul who has walked this earth before.

Today God wants me to tell you that you have a pattern that’s in the way of you becoming a millionaire and reaching the ultimate success that your soul craves.

You are here on earth to transcend and break your generational patterns. It will stop the dejavu.

Dejavu is sort of like groundhogs day. It keeps happening, until you decide a new path.

I’m really grateful that God gave me the keys to unlock my pattern. But let me tell you something. He only SHOWED me the keys to my soul, AFTER I chose a different path.

The path less traveled is the one you should take. In fact, it’s the one you must take.

This spiritual world is so real. I even met a guy who I’d seen myself with him before. I didn’t know if the vision of us was our past or our future. But I did learn that it all came down to CHOICE. I had to make better decisions. I believe that person is like my twin flame or something like that. I just know that he caused such a shift in me, that was life altering. When I tell you ladies about GODS, I am not making it up. Dealing with Gods is so worth the level up.

Anyway, we constantly come to forks in the road. This time I picked the right path. Pick the right path. Along the path you will also acquire the humility your soul needs. It’s not human humility.

If you don’t know how to break your generational patterns, I would advise everyone to get a spiritual life coach. This goes beyond just money.