Men Are Something Else……

by | Dating, Friendships, soulmates, Spiritual Healing

I suppose I could’ve titled this a lot better.  But it was way more fun, to just let smart people, read….


As woke as I AM, you have to be a REALLY GOOD MAN to give me all of this game.

You’re only going to get as far in life, as the five people you spend the most time talking to.

There are LEVELS to being woke.

Sis, you should probably talk to smarter men.


5 seconds later I was like “Should I really be talking this good about men? Because it will only be like 5-……..”

My mind started going back the old way.

My advice: Forget those dudes. FORGET all of those dudes from the past. That’s the real level up.

Some of those things that men say, about what women do, and how they pick all of the wrong men, are true.

Men are generally good.

There are some really DEEP levels to healing.

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