Amber Rose’s cheating Ex A.E. Edwards now dating CHER

by | Celebrity LOVE

When you have money and fame you can date almost anyone you want. An older celebrity woman can attract some of the finest young  men on the planet to soak up time and money from her.

When Amber Rose met A.E. Edwards she felt she’d met a kindred spirit and was in love. Quickly the two set off to procreate by birthing a son named Slash.

However soon after tales of A.E.. cheating on Amber with over a dozen women set the internet airwaves on fire.

Amber was pissed off and embarrassed to learn about her man’s sidechick harem. Apparently A.D. LOVES WOMEN and has a hard time sticking to committed relationships.

Despite confessing his undying love to Amber it appears A.E. has no plans of slowing his mack down.

A.E.  has moved himself into an even bigger spot like by dating Cher and making her fall in love.

The two rang in New Years Eve together.

The iconic singer, 76, was all smiles as she attended an event with her beau by her side over the weekend.

“Happy New Year, Daddy,” she captioned the photo of Edwards giving her a kiss on the cheek on Twitter.

In the snap, Cher also put her new diamond ring front and center, which recently sparked engagement buzz when the singer posted it on social media over the holidays, expressing that it was a gift from Edwards, 36.

“THERE R NO WORDS,” she captioned the post from Christmas Day.

After the photo prompted a slew of questions from fans, Cher explained, “I posted this cause his nails are so cool.”

Following the outing, Cher confirmed their relationship, while also defending their 40-year age gap, writing in a now-deleted Twitter post, “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES ❤️ ❤️.”

Cher responded to her haters yet again on New Year’s Day, posting a second shot of her and Edwards staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“This should Send you Haters to The Part in Wizzard of OZ…WHEN DOROTHY THREW WATER ON THE wicked Witch & Melted her,” she wrote on Twitter.

One thins for certain. A.D. is not in the game of life to play checkers. He plays CHESS by going after top celebrity women and making them fall in love in order to up level his own brand.

A.E. Once Vice President of A & R at Def Jam records, is also known for being rapper Tyga’s best friend.