Boss Chicks get the short end of the stick in 3D relationships

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I saw my Facebook feed this morning and read a really beautiful post about a woman who became rich by starting a business and now she too can provide for her BOYFRIEND. 

As boss chicks we get sooo happy when we’re finally make 6-7 figures and we can buy whatever we want.  We’re so full of love that we immediately turn around and start taking care of our boyfriend.  Many women even desire to retire their husband so that he doesn’t have to work so hard. 

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that Boss chicks get the short end of the stick.  We can’t help that we are go getters. We can’t help that we love money.  We can’t help that we only want to be in relationships with men that we actually love. 

But those relationships don’t go right for us.  The dynamics are off in the relationship. Eventually you get tired of a man trying to compete with you. Competing against you when all you’re trying to do is make sure that you’re both straight and can live the life of your dreams. 

What most boss chicks don’t get is that you are playing the masculine position.  This is truly demeaning for a man. HE wants to be able to spoil you and provide for you.  If you can’t get him to the point where he starts his own business and gets his own money, it simply won’t work. Most times even if you do, he still wants nothing to do with you, because you made him. He resents you for pulling him up and not letting him do it by himself.  He hates that you know the old struggle version of him.  He now wants a woman who doesn’t know what version of him. He wants a woman who looks at him as a self-made man.

Meanwhile gold digger supreme is winning. Her man pays all the bills and absolutely loves her. He’s deeply invested in her. 

Good women lose because of their hearts. You do too much. You’re too patient. You’re always making excuses for a man. You baby him. You pamper him. You love him. You speak to him like he’s a King. You pull him up. You do all of these things, and most time he’s not even your husband. 

It is my belief that God created boss chicks to be with powerful men. But because you listen to society, you often settle for a man who is “nice” to you, then you proceed to drag him to the top with you.  You take the little bit of love that he gives you and you turn it into hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.  You say “It’s cool honey. You can chill. I got this! Thanks for believing in me.” You take all of the financial pressure on. And you literally kick the door in and make it happen. 

Then the break-up comes. You’re ready for a new relationship.  You’re now rich, so you’re picky AF.  You don’t need a man’s money, so you’re looking for a deep connection. Boom! You zoom in on some cute, silly guy. He can’t afford to buy you fancy dinners and it’s no big deal to you. I mean after all, you can afford to buy these things for yourself.  You have fun with him, take him on a trip or two, then you start to notice he doesn’t appreciate you. 

Your own good heart has you operating in masculine energy.  And men… Men don’t see your EFFORTS as having a good heart. Oftentimes they actually think you’re dumb and that they are getting over on you who give so freely of your time, your body, your knowledge, your inspiration and yourself.  It’s phucked up! 

God made boss chicks powerful and magic. But there is something you must learn outside of the money.  That something is what’s going to get you the dream man you seek. 

You see the truth is, you want a rich man. You can’t help but to want a rich man. Your soul is rich. That’s why you make the money. You have a good heart, so of course you’re not going to feed your man scraps. You don’t want your man suffering or anyone suffering or going without for that matter. Money is simply a tool to live a good life to you. You have no selfishness about it.

Sis, you want to be married to a King, and you will make one if you have to. You’ve been building men. It’s really sweet. But it rarely ever works. 

So here is what you must do. Sis, go get you a rich man. Don’t feel bad about it.  You don’t need him for his money. We know this. What you need him for is his soul.  It matches yours. He has the heart to get what he wants out of life. He WANTS to be KING and is willing to do what it takes to be King, just like you were willing to do what it took to BE QUEEN. 

But here’s the thing. Your King is masculine. Add in the fact that you’re spiritual, beautiful, and brilliant, and now you must upgrade to a divine King. Now add in the fact that you’re powerful AF, you make things happen, can’t nobody tell you nothing. You gotta have things your way, and you’re quite used to being smarter than the men you date, and now Sis, you gotta complete shift all the way up to pure 5D God King. 

See there are some Prince’s who have been given God King power, but they haven’t activated it all the way, because he is still willing to watch a woman struggle. He would only be an upgraded version of your past relationships. And you wouldn’t even know this, because now you’re not struggling. You have it all together, so it’s like of course he wants to be with a woman who has her OWN. That makes the load lighter for him. It’s easy work. But he won’t have much respect for your hustle and grind.  He will sit back and watch you do all of the work and let you purse him. HE only cares how feminine you are.  Everything with him is about your WORDS and how those words benefit him. So you want to skip him and go all the way up to full on activated God King who wants to DO for you. He wants to pamper you and spoil you.  He wants to add smiles to your day. He sends texts reminding you that he’s thinking of you. Unexpected gifts show up at your house. 

See he’s in full pursuit.  That’s the man you want.  That’s the man who is finally going to be King in your life and give you your true hearts desire. With him you will finally fully enter the land of Dream Life.  That man is going to tell you that he’s been waiting his whole life to meet you. He’s going to appreciate you.  You’re going to have a deeply, passionate, soul transcending, spiritual connection. He will make your heart beat again. Loudly.  You share many interests with him. You have positive core beliefs about the way you wish to live. A powerful combination of energy. You’ll both be in alignment with the source of all there is. And with him too, all you have to do is be your divine feminine self.  He will also be able to utilize your MAGIC and knowledge, to create a billion dollar empire. 

But no one tells you these things. So you’ve spent your life trying to settle and be normal… fit in with the human society. But you’re a full on Goddess Sis. You have real life MAGIC powers and you know this. You weren’t created to be with a mere mortal. 

Now the good news is you still have time to implement a new strategy and create some little god babies. 

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