Black Twitter Responds To Ime Udoka Fumbling Nia Long By Cheating With The Help

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Ime Udoka is trending on Twitter, and it’s not just because The 45-year-old Boston Celtics coach was found to have had a “consensual intimate relationship” with a woman who has a role on the Celtics’ staff.

Ime is trending because people can’t believe he had the nerve to cheat on THE NIA LONG.

Linking up with a co-worker at any job is a risky situation, especially when you are married. And when you’re married to actor Nia Long, it gets even riskier. Hormones go through the roof knowing you’re being sneaky and cheating on one of the hottest women in the world. It adds to a man’s power.

Udoka is the head coach of the Boston Celtics and led the team to the 2021 NBA Finals during his first year. After spotting her on the sidelines at multiple games, Long confirmed their relationship. The couple has been dating since 2010.

And as always, Black Twitter expressed their shock in the funniest way.

There was some speculation about the conversation between Udoka and Long.

I am actually surprised that that internet told him about himself and stated THAT’S NIA LONG.

I expected most men to do this.

Black men are VERY understanding of a man cheating. PERIOD.

Every woman is not to be fumbled. But in today’s society most men love to think that a woman is just a woman and that each woman was created equally.

That’s not true. Some women are a prize, and actress Nia Long is one of them.

We fell in love with her in the movie Friday and it’s been the same since.

If a photo of the woman comes out and she doesn’t look half as good as Nia, black Twitter will demand that Ude be fired on his day off.

One brother actually does have some sense… Tia said NO to cheating on Nia. 

I’ve NEVER seen people lose respect for a cheating man so fast…

Pearl might be taking this a bit too far.

Baby, Nia Long was a Goddess in 1995 and she still is in 2022.

Sadly men cheating on women is such a ‘normal” thing. Yet, it actually hurts.

Undoubtedly this will go down as one of the biggest relationship fumbles in black history.

Frankly being a powerful woman in a relationship these days, sadly means you are in line for total embarrassment at the hands of the man who claims to love you, by him cheating on you with a woman who doesn’t have 1/10 of your success.

This is NOT the woman

Anyway, Nia should’ve been married and had a prenup that now pays out. Period. Ime has an $11.5 minion networth.  She’s either going to walk away with nothing for her embarrassment or chop it up like Beyonce and stay together. 

gold line


Breaking: The Boston Celtics have suspended head coach Ime Udoka for the entire 2022-23 NBA season, the team announced.

IME responded to his suspension with grace and humility.

Boy. Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, cheat on Nia Long again! (Chris Tucker voice)

Is it worth it?