Bethenny Frankel brands Meghan Markle a ‘terrible businessperson’

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Bethenny Frankel is going in on the Princess!

Frankel believes Meghan Markle is a “terrible businessperson” who is really “f–king up” life after leaving the palace.

Page Six Reports: The former “The Real Housewives of New York City” star said in a viral TikTok video Tuesday that the Duchess of Sussex is “painting herself into a corner.”

“She is a terrible, terrible businessperson, strategist — she’s playing checkers, not chess — because she is overplaying her hand, and she is painting herself into a corner, becoming a woman without a country,” Frankel explained.

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The Skinnygirl founder, 51, said Markle, 41, was able to get out of a “terrible situation” in the UK but is “f–king it up” because of her methods.

“I remember talking about this before the Oprah interview and getting death threats and losing major deals and having many A-list people text me saying that they agree with me secretly,” Frankel said, “but then friends of hers text me, ‘Please take down what you said.’”

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel called out Meghan Markle’s “terrible” business acumen.

Frankel described the “Suits” alum as a “polarizing person” but stood by her “personal choice” not to be “terrified and not talk.”

Hours before Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey aired in March 2021, the former Bravolebrity slammed the “fairly unknown actress.”

“Cry me a river,” Frankel tweeted to her 1.5 million followers, soon bringing up the “Archetypes” podcast host’s past life as a “Deal or No Deal” briefcase model.

“The plight of being a game show host, fairly unknown actress, to suffering in a palace, w tiaras & 7 figure weddings for TWO WHOLE YEARS to being a household name w @Oprah on speed dial, fetching 7 m for interviews, hundreds of millions in media deals,” she added.

Kissy's Thoughts

I agree. The woman is total goals. She accomplished ALL of her dreams. She doesn’t have to try to figure out how to get attention, be negative, or build a brand. She shot straight to the top.

We don’t want to hear her sob stories. Especially not the racism ones. Obviously nothing holds this woman back. She’s one of the best manifestors in the world.

Just be a Princess Megan, speak positive and sell dope sh*t. You got this.

P.S. Get you some hip black friends Sis. Ones that understand the streets to the executive suites and how to build a major business. You have too much going for yourself to complain. That’s just not the path boo.

You already have everyone’s support. Like I literally want to say NOTHING bad about her.

P.P.S. Don’t let it slip past you that Betthany is also saying this and promoting her podcast. Which is essentially the same thing Meghan is doing. Celebrities talking about celebrities is the new wave.