You’re never going to marry a great man, if you keep dating mediocre ones

by | Love & Relationships

Sometimes as an amazing woman dating, it’s really important to tune in with yourself and become perfectly honest with yourself, your desires and what you want.

There is so much pressure to not be single and to date, that even in dating I suddenly realize the boringness of it all.

We spend hours getting dressed, driving to dates in luxury cars, to be met by men who really aren’t that interesting to us, who really aren’t doing enough for us, and we sit there and PRETEND to be having such a great time.

Meanwhile in the back of your mind, you’re like “Why am I doing this?” “Why am I here?”

In the past 2 years of my life, I’ve met 1 single guy who excited me AT ALL. Just one.

All my fault I suppose. I mean this has been the history of my life. Men bore me. Frankly my work is WAY more entertaining. At least I get to see lives change.

Today, I thought about how long I’ve played this game of allowing men to be total disappointments to me. I thought about how I allowed myself to be bored, with my time wasted on clueless men.

Men are so accustomed to women hoping to be PICKED by them, that I believe most simply don’t realize that for other women, they aren’t doing enough to be PICKED by her.

What does it look like to want to keep a man around, and never ever let him go?

I couldn’t tell you what that’s like, because I’ve never met that man. I’ve never met a man that impressive. I can’t say that those men don’t exist. Cause clearly LOTS of women have such a man. Those women are all over social media, living their best life with great men.

Great men………. It’s pretty obvious you’re never going to marry a great man, if you keep dating mediocre ones.