You’ve never met perfection until you’ve met a divine man

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I channeled a massive download this morning, and instead of getting up to write it like i’m supposed to, I just laid in bed.  So now I have to sit here and try to remember what I’m supposed to tell you, and it’s probably going to be a ramble.

Maybe I’ll just keep it short. (as if I could ever write anything short.)

Life goes the way it goes, but I want you to know that men are awesome. Healed men are awesome. If women had access to the men I have access to, they would faint. How do I know this? Because I fainted last night. When I woke up this morning it was actually daylight outside. I’m talking real daylight. Usually I wake up at 3:33 or 4:44 or some particular angel number time.  I sometimes avoid looking at the clock cause I already know I’ll see an angel number and know that I need to rise, avoid going back to bed, and deliver the message. 

Obviously I stayed in bed today.

Anyway how did I faint? Easy. I had an enchanting conversation with a divine man before I went to bed. More healing came. More of my distortions left. More truths were revealed. I found myself in total surrender once again, with this man. I’ve never witnessed any other man in my life who has brought me to such states. And the man hasn’t even touched me yet. So powerful!

How can I explain this to you?

When a brilliant woman  has yet to meet the otherworldly/cosmic delights of deep surrender, she will be unaware of the the true depth of nourishment and rejuvenation which is available to her in THIS life. She may never experience this – until she meets a deeply divine, absolutely brilliant man who is surrendered unto his purpose.  

He is like her medicine. Okay scratch the word LIKE.  HE IS her medicine.  Her rocket fuel. Her shea butter all over body moisturizer that works on the mind too. Her relaxing, rose quartz bubble bath, that softly seduces her skin with pearls of moisture,  heals her heart chakra and causes her to re-align and vibrate with love. He’s a lighter to her cigarette, when she doesn’t even smoke. The flames!!! 🔥🔥🔥

faint surrender

And I’m not talking about the phuck boy version that Ashanti ever so beautifully sang about with every fiber of her soul. I’m talking about the real thing. 

When I tell you this man is lit. I’m not exaggerating.  The way he deals with me is definitely not effortlessly. Cause I’m a lot to deal with and do require a significant amount of brain space. Or at least I was. I shifted  during that conversation.  I released my self-sabotaging ways I’d picked up on the journey of life, of dealing with non-provider men who didn’t allow my soul to feel safe with them.

The bad habits, became clear, and I let them go.

He handles me with care. It’s like magic. There are no games. It’s such a beautiful thing to experience. My divine feminine feels safe to be her. She feels safe with him.  She feels no need to call in her masculine. She’s more than happy to give him a needed break. I could’ve shed a tear. But instead I remain thankful that after my last break-up that I went after my purpose and my money. I didn’t run into another man’s arms to babysit my wounds or deflect blame.  I didn’t even go to bitter land.  Instead, I went in search of the answers to life. 

Had I not done that I’m quite sure I wouldn’t even have the honor of having such access to the deep recessions of such a man.  He wouldn’t have been able to see me past my messy drama blog that I kept up. (Don’t front like that blog wasn’t hella entertaining with some doses of enlightened education wrapped in it. I laced the heck outta my followers and awakened their consciousness.)  Or maybe he wouldn’t have been able to access me in that space that I was in. I would’ve been too preoccupied. Cause he didn’t come in the usual loud package that gets my attention. But thankfully I have the gift of discernment. 

Anyway, this King said to me “Kissy, this is what your problem is.” I took it all in, absorbed, and it was all true.  I could trust what he told me because I respect his life choices and I respect the way he communicates with me, and shows that he cares. 

Men in the past attempted to tell me that I was less than perfect.  But I was unable to listen to them.  I couldn’t receive it. How am I supposed to listen to a man who still plays video games instead of being on his purpose?  I out performed him before I woke up in the morning. I made his weekly paycheck in my sleep every night. Some days when he would royally piss me the phuck off, I would make his entire monthly paycheck in a 6-hour-day, and he knew he caused it…

How am I to listen to a man who tells me I’m not perfect, but he proudly dated a ratchet with bra straps popping out everywhere, and thinks a woman who lives with her mom is better than me, because she has a degree?

How could I listen to a man who actually called ME stupid. I mean come on now, I’m brilliant af! I can’t listen to a man who doesn’t know what a valuable woman is in the first place. I can’t listen to a man who doesn’t value himself. I can’t listen to a man who doesn’t respond when I speak to the King in him. I couldn’t listen to the witness of men who I outperformed through the sheer will of grit.  I definitely can’t listen to a man who thinks any woman is above me. I don’t have a compete switch. Instead I have a “let him go and be with her switch.” 

In my mind, I AM Kissy mthfkn Denise – THE Masterpiece – THE Goddess of Love & Motivation – 7 Figure Dream Activator. I help high performing, wealth conscious,  spiritual life coaches and entrepreneurs  align with the soul’s true purpose, heal, remove blocks, turbo charge their confidence and develop a divine strategy to magnetically attract and manifest the life of their dreams inside business and relationships.  I’m an expert in the arts of influence and magnetism. Add my social media skills and my writing, and yeah, I’m the perfect coach for multi-passion geniuses who too have a million and one skills. There’s nothing that anyone can say to me, and I most times will only accept help from the best of them.

I’m the sh*t, and I know it. So if a man doesn’t, I won’t lie – I think he’s dumb. I think he’s real dumb. I be waving my hand in front of his face, rocking and rhyming like “You’re blind. You can’t see. You need to wear some glasses like D.M.C.” 

Yeah, I be clowning these dudes. Or at least I used to. I attract a different kind of man now. I attract God Kings. These men make me way higher than Bobby and Whitney got off crack. The highs they induce are like no other.  I’m telling you. It’s like where have these men been all of my life? But I have no one to blame but me. It was me who wasn’t showing all the way up. I tried with those other men though. I really did. I tried my best. But who cares about the previous men. They weren’t for me. It I didn’t realize that by the way they treated me, I definitely realize that now. Even more, I was too powerful and too abundant for those men. They didn’t know what to do with me. They tried, based on societies rules. I don’t live by those rules. I live by God’s rules. God is love. 

Anyway, long story short, I’m so glad that I did not take my light and love, wanna be healed, but wounded azz, to go run off into the arms of some man, bringing all that unhealed baggage with me, while thinking that I was healed.  Surely I would’ve once again wondered why I found myself dumping yet another man. 

Lord have mercy on these girls who haven’t learned to take a break from dating, and look within. 🙏 And for you brilliant women, Sis, it’s going to take a hellafied man to deal with you and heal you. Every man ain’t cut out for the job. But he’s definitely out there. Lots of them are. 

I now know I’m officially over being a wounded mate. I release control. I am in the space to call in my soulmate.  And you know what? For the first time in a long time, I’m grounded again. I’m back on earth and okay with trusting myself again.  I released the pain body from my wound and reconnected with source again. I feel like my life is real again. Because THIS is the way my life was always supposed to be. 

I also understand my purpose even more clearly now and why my first book that I’m about to publish – is so important to the world.  I know it’s going to heal, change the lives of millions of women and raise consciousness. I know that beautiful, brilliant, genius-level, heart-centered, wealth conscious, boss chicks need me to show up loud in the world so that they may find me. 

You know why? Because we’re all connected. Nobody else knows how to heal boss Goddesses the way I do.  People don’t even understand them. But I do. Cause I had to do the super hard work to heal myself, to walk into my purpose, walk through the valley of the fire, through the shadow of death, decide to stop settling for less, and be bold and brave enough to call in Kings. I won’t lie. It brought me to tears many times, but these Kings put me on their back and kept me going. They didn’t let me do it by myself.

I had to do immense amounts of work on myself to vibrate at their level and hold space for them. I had to be willing to transform myself and heal my own karma drama. I had to do the spiritual work so that my inner beauty would speak louder than my outer.  I did the work to be able to enchant, powerful,  divine men with authenticity and be able to keep their attention. Such men aren’t easy for the average woman to come by. Purposed men have loads of women throwing panties at them and falling at their feet when they speak.  Keeping their attention is like 1 in a million. 

But you know what? My tribe deserves that kind of man. Because you too are one in a million. It’s the perfect match. 

If you are reading this blog, man or woman, and you seem to have achieved great success in every area of life, except the  relationship department, you need Kissy in your life. 

Any of my clients will also tell you that you need me. You need me to heal you with love, and get you in full alignment with your soul’s mate.  It’s what you came to earth to do. All those other men simply agitated TF out of you.

Kissy out! ✌️