You ever meet a cute guy and suddenly you get baby fever?

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You ever meet a guy and within weeks of meeting him suddenly you want to have a baby with him? 👼

Like you’ve gone possibly your entire life or the last decade or so of your life with absolutely no desire to have a baby by anyone and pretty much retired from the thought altogether. Then suddenly this guy pops up out of nowhere, and he’s so phucking divine that your womb just starts screaming “He’s the one!” And you tell your womb “calm down Sis. We don’t know him like that.”  And your womb screams back “Phuck what you talking about!” 🤰

Like you’re trying to be sensible, cause you’re a totally sane woman a good 97% of the time,  because it’s absolutely crazy to want to have a baby with a man who you have ran through scrutinous mental and health tests and got his 5-year-plan to see where he’s going in life. 

But it’s not even about that. It’s not even a lust thing.  It’s his brain. There’s something about him. Like you just want his whole DNA and every part of him, including his whole soul? Like it just feels like a must have. Like you don’t even care if it’s a boy or a girl, you just want every part of him? 🌎

And it sounds crazy, and feels almost obsessive. But you’re really not crazy, at all, or are you crazy? 💚

Or is that the way a woman is supposed to feel about a man?

I’m asking for a friend. 😘 I told her I would ask ya’ll. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments, cause Sis really wants some answers. 

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