I’m finishing up my book, and I’ll admit, I do not like editing it. I wish the book were complete and on store shelves already. So I know I must get it done. So in between I am taking breaks to motivate myself. On this  particular break in this blog I took a Netflix break.

I watched a movie and that one hilarious girl from Chewing Gum was in the main role. At some point in the movie she was mad at her friend, and said some bold truths to her friend. 

Even though it was the truth for the first time in my life the saying “hurt people, hurt people,” really resonated with me.

I saw how people lash out and hurt others when they are hurt. Even though what she said may have been truth, I saw no need to for her to say that and hurt her friend. Yet at the same time her friend actually needed to hear those words. 

So it’s weird… I’m choosing from now on to only speak words of love. Even if it’s a harsh truth, I will say it with love. I’d rather be the person who speaks life and love to others. I attract really amazing people who I see beautiful truths in them, which helps them uncover more of their light. 

I am totally fascinated by the stages of awakening that I am experiencing. Each day it’s something new. This week has been an extreme week.  Sometimes I wonder how much more? How deep does the rabbit hole go? When does it stop? I have a feeling that it never may.  That if you keep seeking truth that you will continue to find. 

This journey of healing and walk to freedom, is not for weak souls. We’re talking love here, but I can’t even explain to you the effects on me of such a rapid, out of the blue shift. 

Which reminds me of life coaches and our value. One single shift can change a person’s whole life.  What is a shift worth? What is the shift worth that you give your clients?

I see people forever changing, attracting followers and clients, calling in activation of their dreams again, inheriting divine confidence, becoming magnetic, gaining clarity and making money.

Yet still I have to face that this is my new life. That this is my new norm. That this is what I do and that YES, I’m actually doing it.

I have to accept that I’m a genius. My genius has been activated. It’s not luck, as I often like to think. It’s manifestation of a soul that has called in spirit.

To think I can literally tell someone “I can change your whole life in an hour, and actually mean it.  Just WOW! All praise to the within me.