As I’m finding my way in this new super conscious, spiritual realm of wealth conscious souls who have tapped into their genius, I realize something. 

When the Kings first enter this new dimension and inherit their God powers many of them have no understanding of how to treat a Goddess. They’ve done healing on themselves. They done self-help work. They’ve built enormous companies. They’ve gained a little wealth.  These men are elite indeed.

Yet still they don’t know how to treat a Goddess.  I would love to say every man treats me absolutely divine, but that would be a lie. 1 out of 100 men will mistreat me at this point.  And no he won’t intentionally mistreat me. He will mistreat me by operating below my standards. 

I could meet a conscious celebrity who has millions of fans and dollars and he will talk to me and treat me so well. His consciousness will be God level and he knows how to talk to a Goddess. His ego is not present in conversations. Therefore just his presence alone is seductive to a woman. She gets excited. 

Then I could meet a man who maybe has touched a mill in is life. He’ll be like “I’m too busy,” still talking to women he can’t see deep within, and being attracted to women mostly for the outer. Such a man could have his dream girl sitting right in front of him and he’ll like her, but he won’t truly see what’s transpiring. It’s like he’s woke, but not woke woke. Cause his ego is in the way. He still hasn’t realized the blessing of the divine feminine.  She’ll like him but because of the way he still carries a 3D dating mindset, she will be confused about him. Because now things have changed.  It’s not about being good enough, because the people are already good enough in this realm. We’re all synchronistically, connected. (yeah. I probably made up a word that’s something like synchronicity.) Our souls are all set to cross as our background geographically connect and some other things.  For instance. The top 3 super conscious attractive men I know all have  a connection to Chicago. I was born there. The 4th one lives there. Other than being born there and loving to eat there, my heart has no connection to Chicago, but still the synchronicity is what it is. The 5th doesn’t have a connection the city but there’s another synchronicity in our backgrounds. 

Anyway, before, I used to attract men that I wasn’t attracted to. Now when I attract men from my realm they are attractive. Men from the former realms will still not be my type most times and they don’t even know why.  I assume they are attracted to the energy of the former parts of me that I have not transcended yet. I don’t exactly know how this thing goes. I just know how to attract love and keep it. This spiritual stuff is all new to me. 

So as I was saying, men must learn to change their dating mindset, because their new level of consciousness now seeks to be connected to a divine woman. Only a divine woman will cover all of their needs, and be both smart, confident, assertive and submissive at the same time. He has to understand that it’s no longer just about him. He has to learn how to keep a woman happy. Because a Goddess won’t accept any less than the best.  So it’s no longer about being good enough, but simply about doing enough. People in this realm conquered being enough a while ago. 

A God honors his Goddess and protects her. She is most important to him. A God will hunt and kill for his Goddess and make sure she’s straight. He’ll do the cutest things like bring her an apple cause it will make her smile. (No. that’s not what’s going on in this pic. But don’t get all technical. It’s just a pic.)

Gods & Goddess