Black women need to heal their wounded masculine energy

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Women who heal their wounded masculine, are happier and attract better men

Black women need to heal their wounded masculine energy.

Lately, I’ve been on Clubhouse partaking in conversations about LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.

In the white rooms, they are telling you how to have a HEALTHY, loving relationship, while you scale up your multi-million or billion dollar empire.

In the black rooms, mostly PAIN is discussed. It’s full of complaints, with no solutions. LOVE is my thing. My current purpose in this world is to heal love in the black community, so that we can build wealth and raise kids in healthy, conscious households.  This will change the world for generations to come.

I’ve had many clients come to me who weren’t making a million dollars in their business; and in less than 30 days or within a year, their business crosses the million dollar mark.  Each time the person has a mate. Each time the person sincerely loves their mate.

LOVE is the most powerful, most healing frequency on the planet. It solves everything. It will even draw money to you.

But in the black community, we chase MONEY, while neglecting a pursuit of healthy, conscious, deeply loving spiritual relationships.  That’s what spirituality is truly all about at the core. It’s about love, compassion and understanding.

It’s better to seek to understand a person, than to simply desire to be right.  Either you want to be right, or you want to be in love.

The amount of healing that comes from this journey can’t be explained. Other than to say the deepest healing is indeed a miracle.

Seeing as to how I took myself from being in wounded masculine energy, to embodying divine feminine energy, I see both the problem and the reward at a deeper level.

So when I am in a Clubhouse room and I see a black woman saying she’s tired of men playing with her, she’s tired of being lonely, and how she’s smart, and not taking no sh*t from a man cause she’s a boss, I sometimes interject and offer my book to her.

After all, I did write “YOU CAN’T FORCE A MAN TO VALUE YOU – BECOMING A HIGH VALUE WOMAN & ATTRACTING YOUR DREAM MAN,” for beautiful, amazing, brilliant women who were just like my former self.  The ones who have a lot of love to give, but they are too busy being hurt from loving on the wrong men.

But often when I speak to these women, they yell at me, accuse me of trying to sell them “a book.” They tell me I’m insulting them when I tell them that they are traumatized and operating in masculine energy.  And the room usually crowds around to pacify them, and say how wrong I was for telling that woman the ONE truth that would actually help her soul.  You see in the black rooms, it’s not about solutions.  Or they want to hear from people who want attention, yet really don’t have the deeper solution that these women need. Meanwhile a male will inbox me on Instagram and tell me how I didn’t say anything wrong.

At other times, I’m in rooms with masculine, influential, provider men. These men are literally telling women what they want. They can’t really describe the core of what they are looking for. But I know that what these men seek is a WHOLE woman. As they speak, I watch one black woman after the next, interrupt these men and cut them off.  One time I watched a black woman  straight up hyperventilate because such a man said it wasn’t cool to be in the infamous “Moan Room” being sexually explicit for $125.  He was like “I would’ve given her that little money.”  A young black woman interrupted him and told him how he was wrong for judging women and how women should have sexual freedom and be allowed to exploit themselves. If I wasn’t there to witness it myself, I would’ve never believed a woman would be offended by a man telling her she was worth more. All that man was saying is that a woman didn’t have to exploit herself to make money, because their are better ways.

Oftentimes we blame men for having 9,000 women, or for not wanting to settle down. But now that I can feel wounded masculine energy coming from other women, I understand. As a man I would not desire to be in a relationship with such a woman either.  It’s painful.

And the woman’s defense and security blanket is ALWAYS her accolades. It’s either she’s believes she’s all that because she makes money or that she has a college degree. It’s very okay for a woman to make her own money. It’s wonderful. But that’s not what a man needs. It’s not what a divine masculine man finds the most beautiful about a woman. He can appreciate her drive, but the core of what he needs from her is a beautiful spirit.

But when you tell the average black boss chick this, she immediately becomes triggered, and fights to stay in her wounded masculine energy. So I’ve learned to not direct my healing at any race in particular.  I’ve learned to let my energy speak for me, and the smart women who are ready, grab the book, ask to work with me 1 on 1, and begin to get the healing they need.

I used to feel like it was my job to save the world. But the more I become aware of my own divine, feminine energy, the less I feel burdened to wake everyone up. I’m not about to drag women into saving themselves.  Instead I choose gratitude and to relax into my feminine more and more each day.  Besides, HEALING is expensive. It’s a luxury.


I now see the pure INSANITY, of trying to do everything on your own as a woman. I see the insanity of fighting to remain dominant.

I spent half of my life chasing money, influence and freedom. Meanwhile the freedom and everything you want is simply in surrender.

Let go of your need to control everything. Allow the Universe to do what it do. Set your intentions. Once you do this, you may begin to live in a state of gratitude. This will allow your heart to expand. It will open like a flower, and you’ll breathe in fresher air. Better men will become attracted to you. Then your dream man will show up. Suddenly you’ll realize what you’ve been missing your whole life. You will feel free to BE LOVE.

For me, my desire to be in the presence of God lead me down this path. They say God is good. But God is actually great.

I sell things sometimes and I post links. If I were you, I would buy everything I sell and click on every offer. You see, my writing is anointed and my energy is the most healing love vortex on the planet earth. Ask my clients about me.