Why so many men feel like LOVE is an elusive unicorn

by | Love & Relationships

In order for a man to appease a woman, he must speak to her in HER love language. His words must match the desires of her heart, followed by actions.
A woman is analytical. She looks for evidence in her mind, receives it in her heart, and can only feel assured of what she’s feeling or desires to feel if the outer actions match up. Otherwise she will now perceive the situation to be not “real.” You have to ground yourself into her life. Matching words and actions align a woman to her feeling states. It gives you access to her womb. A woman has to feel a man in her womb. This is deeper than sex and starts in the recesses of her mind.
Many men wonder why he never seems to get the woman he wants. That would be why. #2 is many men set their targets on high value women without high value effort. They want everything to be EASY.  High value women who know their value require that a man go all in.  Going all in is never an easy decision. It has to be weighed…

If a woman is to give her all, a man who doesn’t give his all, will be perceived as a waste of her time. That wouldn’t be equally yoked.  

Either a woman wants a man to do A. B. and C., all of the above, or she’s all about love. If she’s all about love she can not be bought. Gifts alone won’t do it, if your heart is not attached to it. A man will notice that he’s not getting the woman he desires because his heart isn’t attached to her. When your heart isn’t attached, your intention isn’t right. Therefore God won’t allow you to see the keys to unlocking her. Therefore she won’t look at you as “The One.” To get a Goddess you gotta make agreements outside the earth realm. (Duh!)
Gods and Goddesses are called to restore love in the world. They can not permanently mate with a mortal. If anyone is to step into enlightenment and ascension then he has to be in alignment with matters of the heart. You want to go to the next level of the game, but you can’t go until you realize that just anyone won’t do. They have to be coded for the next level.  So you may as well just stop trying to settle, and decide what it is you want. A man knows what he wants when he sees what he already wants. A woman receives the man she wants, when she can feel his energy inside of her.  Then a signal is lit. (This process takes WORK)

Some things require that you move past fear and choose love. It’s simply the way it goes. Trying to keep your heart safe is walking in fear. How can love exist in the presence of fear? It can’t. You can only choose one master. You can’t set up a trap and expect a woman to fall into it. The saying goes, “don’t chase women, chase money because women come with it. ” Seems pretty simple. But once again, if we are playing chess, then a King has to know who he wants his Queen to be. He has to set eyes on her and go about acquiring her. Many successful men make the mistake of accepting any woman who comes to him and says pick me, instead of FINDING the woman he wants and picking her. It’s not as simple as “Hey Girl. Here are 3 gifts, I’ll take care of you.” A true divine Queen understands that a King has to cover her in multiple areas. Most men are not willing to cover a woman in all areas. He thinks it’s a game of dangling the carrot, expecting her to follow long.
I can say that many men lost out by trying to outmaneuver me in chess. Even when I may not state my value, I know my value and if he doesn’t measure up, I’m going to pull a spin move away from him.  Getting my attention is one thing.  Keeping it is a whole other. I AM THE GODDESS OF LOVE. I think many people think we come up with these titles for egoic reasons. When it’s like “No. That’s the title GOD gave me.” So why would you come at the Goddess of Love with anything less than full on love? 🤷‍♀️
The amount of men that laugh at women online who are always talking about relationships and the things they don’t like, are laughable. With so many light workers freely telling men the things they don’t like, it seems like a man would pick up on these things and do them. For it’s the high value women who are able to take time to themselves to figure out what they want. Non high value people jump in and out of relationships.

Almost anyone will do for them. Therefore it’s difficult for them to deeply appreciate someone. One can not appreciate what they do not value Most women want the same thing. Most are simply too afraid to go after it, because that requires a great deal of work on yourself, and refusing to settle for less. It requires not caring what society thinks of you.

What’s mostly going on with high performers is they’ve grown tired of this love thing. It’s exhausting. So they’ll go hard to make money, but when it comes to love, it’s whatever. It’s I’ll wait. It’s It will come when the time is right.  When you’re feeling this way, you’re going the wrong way. Reroute back to love. It’s what you came here for. The money only matters when love is installed.

See a lion can’t forget that it stalks it’s prey. Baby cubs coming up in the world are full of hope, so they are still out in the world doing what they must.  They know that a Unicorn is magic and hard to catch. 

So he plays chess. Furthermore, I think it might be preposterous for one to assume that he can catch a magical creature with the same tools that he used to catch flies.