When you’re in love with someone you NEED them

by | Love & Relationships

You ever hug a man cause you’re so in love with him? You listen to his every word. You call him just to hear him breathe, and other people think you’re obsessed, or needy, and the truth is you simply know what you’ve found is rare. You’ve been through the ups and down of love before, this isn’t new, and you’re well aware that you treat him special, and maybe you’re a little extra with him, because you’re just trying to show appreciation for him, because you know love without effort will never last. And no one seems to understand, but you… Yet, you have no intentions of apologizing for loving him.

No matter what anyone says, when you’re actually in love with a person YES, you do feel like you need them.

Don’t let the conscious community steer you wrong. While the conscious community is good for knowing how to consciously relate in healthy relationships, a lot of them still don’t understand love. Love is completely different from what most people understand. Not everyone is fully capable of loving another human being, because they can not fully love themselves.

When you’re in love, you become so intertwined in a person that they become apart of you. They do meet a need of oneness for you.

If a person can take you or leave you, that’s not enough love. But unfortunately it’s the best most people will get.

If you’re okay with seeing them with the next person, that’s not enough love either.

It’s healthy to want people to be happy, even if it’s not with you. But love would most definitely want them to be with you, and steer them towards you.

But how would you know these things when you’ve spent your life never truly finding real love. Real love is rare. Way more rare than a diamond. It’s more like hitting the lottery.

Of course you need love. All humans need love. You need connection. Remember that’s why God created Eve.

Adam had a NEED. He worked hard, in the garden for what? He needed a reward. The reward for his hard work was that he got to spend time with Eve. COMPANIONSHIP… Woman was created to be loved by a man. That’s why lots of women don’t actually love their husbands…. But i’mma leave that tea alone.

In the beginning of a loving relationship, you want a person. You don’t need them. After being together for a year two, and truly falling in love with them, you need them because you love them.

Without them, YES, your heart will start to break. YES, you can handle this. But the truth is, your life is better with them, because you love them.

Can you life improve if you replace them? YES

A woman who feels like she doesn’t need her man, will eventually lose him. People must feel needed. Especially men. Men used to get upset with me, because at times maybe I needed their love, but I could also do without them and didn’t need them because they didn’t provide for me, or they were cheating or doing me wrong, so I had to eliminate the need for them.

Relationships are multiple dynamics. It’s not just one thing or one area. Soul connections flow across so many dynamics. They fulfill you in ways the next 10 people simply can not. They are actually difficult to replace.

Dating coaches want to tell you that everyone is dispensable, and easily replaced. But try letting their mate walk in one day and say they are leaving them for someone else. See how they react. They will be on social media in tears, devastated.

I bet they won’t say they don’t need them.

See the truth is always truth.

But telling people to get into relationships with people who are easily disposable is why people break up so easily. They don’t value people. They don’t value love, and they get in relationships with people who are not of the upmost importance to them.

When you’ve truly put your heart into someone, chances are you got your heart broke. So now you try to play it safe. But there is nothing safe about love, other than being with someone who values it just as much as you do, and you’re compatible, share the same goals, ideals, concepts, beliefs, values, and want the best for each other. But most times, you only get that with soul connections.

People who truly want a soulmate will do what it takes to attract them.  You will heal yourself, fix your communication skills, raise your energetic frequency and everything else. They will also remove societal beliefs and listen to the yearnings of their soul.

It gets to be easy, AFTER you understand compatibility, healthy communication and how to love unconditionally.