Why do Wealthy Women Like Keyshia Cole Let Rich Men Like Antonio Brown Disrespect Them?

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Why do Wealthy Women Like Keyshia Cole Let Rich Men Like Antonio Brown Disrespect Them?

2 Reasons: 

  1. Just because a woman is rich and famous, doesn’t mean she can escape working on her femininity. Most women like Keyshia do not invest in their femininity.  Because they don’t invest in their femininity they operate in extremely masculine energy which makes men uninterested.
  2. Famous or not famous, men are men. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean a man will respect you and treat you better. Often times you’re just another notch on his belt that he can brag about.   Which is the way Antonio Brown appears to view Keyshia who had nothing but good words to say about him.

‘You Just Assuming What You Think You Know’: Keyshia Cole Responds to Critics about Her Connection to Antonio Brown After He Dissed Her On Instagram

Earlier this month, speculation spread on the Internet that the NFL player  Antonio Brown and the R&B singer Keyshia Cole might be dating after the pair were photographed together online.

Back in April, Keyshia collaborated on Antonio’s first single, “Don’t Leave,” off his Paradigm album.

When speaking to TMZ, at the time, she said she thought the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player was “really talented. “I love the body of work that he created,” she said. “I think he’s gonna be great. I wouldn’t have collaborated if I didn’t think he’d be great.”

The speculation grew when Antonio shared a video on Instagram that appeared to be footage of Keyshia’s lower back tattoo featuring the initials “AB.” He captioned the post, “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.”

Lo and behold, the Grammy-nominated artist saw the post and appeared shocked at how her sex mate was speaking about her online.

“It was a little harsh,” Keyshia said in an Instagram Live with celebrity stylist EJ King. “Maybe he doesn’t know that it was a little harsh for him to say that. Even me speaking to him, he was like, ‘Do you want me to change the caption?’ And I was like, ‘No, no I don’t want you to change the caption.'”

During the IG Live, captured by The Shade Room, Keyshia said she’s “trying to figure out” her relationship with Antonio. At the same time, she believes the NFL player made his intentions known. “I think he made it very clear,” she said. “He was like, ‘Baby, I liked you at first, but now I don’t—it’s a no.'”

On May 17, Keyshia posted—then quickly deleted—a cryptic Instagram Storysuggesting she was still upset over the public posts.

“Yea I was big trippin..smh I see it now,” she wrote. “I have a 12 year old. Like that type disrespect for what…Nothing is worth that level of disrespect, especially when u don’t deserve it. Had so much love, respect and admiration fa ya. Guess that wasn’t mutual either.”

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Kissy's Thoughts

Keyshia is right. Chile you have a whole son watching you.  You have the world watching you. You can not be caught up in the life of some unaware man who doesn’t see the Queen in you.

Not to mention, women like Keyshia work so hard to get to where they are. It would seem that a black man would have some form of respect for her journey.  You don’t have to want to date her or fall in love with her, but respect her journey to the top.

Sidenote: Men rarely respect women. They cherish women. So you’re either going to be respected or cherished. It is the man who must be respected for his thinking and decision making.

Either way, men don’t respect desperate women, women who chase them and women who don’t have respect for themselves.

So even if Keyshia is in on this, as a way to promote their song together, she’s still being used in the worst way possible.

Keyshia and every woman like her needs to read this book, You Can’t Force A Man To Value You.